Salad in a jar

KB is really tidy. He’s always putting things away, doing the dishes, making the bed (he does it most of the time because I leave for work first and he’s still in bed!), always hangs his towel up, etc. Actually, reading this last sentence makes me realise how lucky I am… He’s definitely a keeper!

I on the other hand am not the tidiest person! Don’t judge, but it’s usually my broeks and sleep shirt lying on the bathroom floor (our en suite is too cramped to have a laundry basket in there), or it’s my coffee cup lurking on the bedside table. I never hang my coat up and I kick my shoes off in the lounge and don’t take them through to the bedroom. You get the picture.

But when it comes to certain things, I insist they must be done a certain way! My stationary must be sorted and packed neatly. I only write my study notes with a specific type of pen or a specific pencil. It distracts me and breaks my concentration if I use the wrong pen – it’s true. Weird, I know! If my study notes are untidy I MUST rewrite them (not just the page, but the whole section). My books and magazines must be handled with care, I can’t have dog-ears. If I am travelling, the contents of my suitcase must be neatly packed in the hotel/guest room cupboard. The food on my plate can touch, but it must be arranged on the plate – it must look nice!

Strangely enough, packing lunch for KB is one of the things that must be done in a specific manner. I love packing his lunch. I don’t do it every day, because life. But when I do pack his lunch there must be a variety of food, fruit and a healthy snack (I am all about the snacks). A typical breakfast lunch combo for KB is 2 egg and veggie muffins, a chicken breast (sliced into strips), some cucumber and pineapple slices, a few cocktail tomatoes, some sliced cheese, a handful of nuts and 2 apples. I say breakfast lunch combo because he can never actually wait until lunchtime.

I bought plastic lunch containers that pack nicely together into his thermal lunch bag, so things don’t mix. Everything must be just so. In it’s own little container or section of the lunchbox. Everything is packaged neatly and I use my Tetris skills to the max to get everything to fit neatly in his thermal lunch bag. I am painful about it. Nothing may be squashed or soggy. It’s an art really. Sheesh, reading this makes me think I’m a keeper! Or just plain crazy – Ha!

It’s the same when I pack my own lunch. I usually pack salad for work, but I hate it when the tomato makes the lettuce all soggy. So I end up taking a hundred small containers to work just for a salad: Lettuce in one container, chopped tomato and feta in another, cucumber separate and seeds too. It’s become such a chore that I’ve stopped bringing lunch and just opt to buy lunch at Woolies. But who am I kidding. I’m not Rockefeller; buying lunch every day is expensive, so I needed to make another plan. Then I remembered reading about making a salad in jar. Guys, my mind is blown. All the stuff you want/need packaged neatly in one jar. I packed one for myself for lunch today and it was delicious. Fresh and crunchy! Nothing was mooshy or soggy – winning!

I’ve made a handy little printout for you so you have a quick reference of how to layer your salad!

Salad in a Jar

  • Servings: 1
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Whatever you like! Go wild… build the salad of your dreams, just be sure to build it in a jar!


Follow this simple layer guide to keep everything fresh and crisp:

Layer 1 Splash of dressing

Layer 2 Wet/heavy ingredients: tomato, carrot, zucchini, chickpeas, black beans, sweetcorn, cucumber, etc.

Layer 3 Lighter ingredients: peppers, spring/red onion, sliced green beans, etc.

Layer 4 Fresh basil, rocket, spinach, lettuce, micro herbs, alfalfa sprouts, onion sprouts, etc.

Layer 5 Toasted pinenuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

To serve simply tip the jar into a bowl. The lettuce and leafy greens will be at the bottom and the toppings on top!

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