16 Weeks {Pregnancy}

Can you believe we’ve passed the 4-month mark?! Overall I’m really enjoying my pregnancy, I don’t suffer from nausea, I don’t feel overly tired (not often anyway) and I’m still eating everything I am used to; no food aversions! But if you ask me how I’m feeling right now, I’d have to say pretty grotty.

Pregnancy and being sick don’t go hand in hand

Why do people insist on coming to the office if they are sick? I have picked up cooties at the office and now I’m working from home – this allows me to stay in bed and keep warm without spreading the germs further! Being pregnant means what I can take to treat my symptoms is limited. And to be perfectly honest, I’m too worried to take anything “in case.” I used Momentum Health’s ‘Hello Doctor’ platform to ask a doctor whether it’s OK to use Andolax throat spray and Strepsils lozenges in addition to Panado for the fever and body aches. She OK’d the lozenges but not the throat spray. The problem is I don’t really find that the Strepsils help at all, so I’m opting not to take them. She did suggest a soothing black rooibos tea with honey and lemon – that seems to help while I’m drinking it, but does nothing for the painful throat afterwards.

Small inconveniences

I’ve spoken about how well I’m feeling in previous posts (you can read all pregnancy-related posts here.) But I’ve haven’t mentioned any of the downside. So far, the only downside I’ve found to being pregnant are very small inconveniences. (I know there are many women who would give anything to be pregnant, and this is by no means a “whinge” about pregnancy. I want to document my pregnancy on my blog for me, and this is part of it.)

For the most part being pregnant has been a breeze for me – I count myself lucky! But here are my ‘complaints’ for lack of a better word:

  • My hair is growing like weeds. This sounds like a plus but makes “maintenance” more tedious. KB’s legs are smoother than mine most of the time (he cycles) and I only imagine this will get more difficult the bigger my tummy gets. The pressure is real, yo!
  • My skin is very dry. Though to be fair I’m not sure if this from the cold winter weather or from being pregnant?
  • No soft cheese. Mmmm… I love cheese…
  • No sushi. Mmmm… I love sushi…
  • Limiting alcohol. KB and I aren’t big drinkers, particularly during the week and this isn’t a biggie. I can have the odd small glass of wine or so if I choose to, but over and above wine, I really enjoy trying different craft beers and small batch gin. I miss “craft beer Friday” a bit at the moment because it’s also something we enjoy doing as a couple (we buy 2 or 3 different craft beers on a Friday and share them).
  • Not being able to take meds when you feel like death warmed up.

See, just small inconveniences more than anything! We’re very excited for Monday because we’ll hopefully find out if we’re having a boy or a girl!  I wouldn’t be disappointed with either, so win-win for me! Friends/family seem to be pulling for a girl, but my feeling is that it’s a boy. Guess we’ll find out soon! (Just for the record, if it were solely up to me, I would have waited until D-day to find out!)


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  1. so awesome, the best experience ever and so happy that you doing so well – despite the cold…best wishes going forward

    • Hi Jodie – ItI’m really enjoying the experience 🙂 Thank you for the lovely message x

  2. Thanks for updating us all. I am sure everyone following your blog enjoys the updates as much as I do! Look after yourself! Lots of love, Mx

  3. Sorry to hear you are not well, unfortunately those germs are usually lurking around and you have caught them long before the person looks or feels ill. My neighbour/cousin in law’s daughter is due next month (3rd baby) and she has been sick from bronchitis to normal flu to tummy bugs every month through out her pregnancy. Every time the little ones get sick she gets hit the hardest.
    Arm yourself with lots of dettol hand wipes and hand sanitizer and wash your hands like you are OCD and hopefully that will help future germs.
    Enjoy the time at home in bed and out of the cold and get better soon

    • Hi Dianne – Unfortunately, working in an office environment means I’m constantly surrounded by people coming and going 🙁 Hand sanitizer is a great idea! I’ll have to get some over the weekend! Thanks forthe well wishes x

    • Hi Thandi! Thanks for the well wishes – I ended up at the doctor on Saturday afternoon and have been booked off for the entire week. I’m feeling pretty awful, but nothing can put a damper on our excitement for our appointment late this afternoon! I’ll let you ladies know what the outcome is! x

  4. Hi Nicky, just found your blog. I went to see Dr M. about 2 years ago, opened the file at Tygerberg was told by Dr M to send an sms when we are ready. Unfortunately life happened and we never went ahead. I’m wondering now if I must start the process all over again of file, etc. at Tygerberg. We were also in 2 minds as Dr M gave my chances at the age of 35 as 35% and the private dr btwn 50 and 75% due to their technology. It does not help that I am 2 years older now although according to a recent test and scan have sufficient egg reserves still. Sometimes I just want to give up and accept that I won’t a child but the longing never goes away. The difference between private and public costs were R430000. So we sit with the question. Do we pay privately and have a bigger but probably only one chance or do we pay less have a smaller chance but can afford to go more than once. I just don’t know what to do. I have skinny pcos and blocked tubes. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Very happy that everything is going wonderful. I agree with you on not knowing the sex of the baby. God bless.

    • Hi Lee Lee

      We also put a hold on starting treatment after our initial appointment. When we were ready to go ahead what I did was send an email to the fertility team and asked what I should do. They confirmed that I should send an SMS when I was on Day 1 of my cycle. But perhaps if you do choose to go ahead with Dr M it would be best to touch base with the team and ask about the SMS. When I emailed them I gave our patient numbers and told them we would like to go ahead now. They responded pretty quickly. What a difficult situation to be in. I am fortunate not to have any issues regards fertility, we chose this path because my boyfriend had a vasectomy many years ago and this seemed like the better financial option with a positive outcome as opposed to “maybe” with a reversal of the vasectomy. Unfortunately I can’t help you answer the question of which option to go with, I can only tell you that Dr M is very invested in each case and we really enjoyed our journey with him – even if Tygerberg isn’t the nicest or newest facility. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. But that being said, you’ll need to weight the pros and cons with your partner, as it’s quite a big decision to make. Sorry I’m not of much help in that department

      Thank you for the well wishes and we’ll hopefully find out today if we’re having a boy or a girl – but would totally have waited it out! Take care x

  5. Hi Nicky
    Congrats on your baby!
    I have been following your blog for awhile now, and 1st have to thank you for the detailed blogs about your experience at Tygerberg. If you are like me, any bit of information helps calm the nerves, and as I was patiently( and if you knew me…you would know I was standing last in line when patience was given out ) waiting for my appointment date and then the actual day to arrive, I read your posts, and regained new hope for having a baby as well….so Thank You!!!!
    We had our initial consultation with Dr. T in Aug, and was hoping, really hard, to start our journey in Aug, but alas there was no space available. Now we are waiting for Day 1 again, and I swear I’m the most excited person in the world for my periods to start, but we are still + 2 weeks away.
    My biggest fear about IVF( How do I know what I get back is my own?), whether you do it private or at Tygerberg, the fact that everything happens outside of your body, and outside of your control. Did you have those fears?

    • Hi! LOL.. “standing last in line when patience was given out,” sounds like we’re kindered spirits! Thanks for reading and following along. As you may have read before, I started documenting our journey because I just couldn’t find any detailed personal accounts by people who had done this process at Tygerberg. I find it hugely satisfying and rewarding to know that my decision to share the info has helped so many couples!

      How exciting to have your appointment with Dr T and so flipping disappointing when there isn’t space… But it WILL happen, you’re turn WILL come! Here’s to hoping there is space the next time round 🙂 And I found it strange to be so excited/impatient for my monthly flow to arrive, as opposed to being “Urgh, it’s that time again… cramps … bloating … Fun!”

      Um, yes. I think it’s quite natural to have concerns about “what if.” KB and I have discussed “what if this child isn’t ours.” And to be perfectly honest, we kind of left the conversation hanging. However, I have the greatest faith in the team at Tygerberg. They’ve been doing this for a number of years and I trust that their processes protect against “mix ups.” And what choice do you have really? But, yes – it did freak me out a bit, because it is completely out of your control. But don’t dwell on the dark thoughts, stay in the light!

      Wishing you a speedy 2 weeks and holding thumbs that there is space for you when the time comes! x

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