Facebook, what am I to do with you?

Oh, Facebook, how I love to hate you!

To me, Facebook is the equivalent of being dragged reluctantly to a night out on the town. You really don’t feel like going out; you just want to stay home on the couch with a glass of wine and some good series. But your friends refuse to take no for an answer. You end up going out with friends who, despite your best efforts not to enjoy yourself, make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and your face aches from smiling so much. Before you know it you’ve had a couple of shots of tequila (because who can resist a shot of tequila with pineapple and brown sugar?) You dance your butt off and think to yourself, “This is awesome!”

The next morning is less fun. Much less.

You crack an eye to see whether or not you can focus past the blinding pounding in your head. The pounding that woke you from the unconscious state that passed as “sleep”. Your mouth is so dry you would sell a kidney for a sip of cool water. You drag yourself to the bathroom (slowly ­– to avoid escalating the pounding) and what greets you in the mirror is an epic blend of Fiela se kind and Gene Simmons. (You look better than you feel at this point.)

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I’ve outgrown this party-till-I-drop phase. I can still go out and have a good time, but now I tend to drink less tequila (most of the time anyway). But back to Facebook – I fell out of love with Facebook about a year and a half ago and, although I left my profile up, I haven’t been active on it. But I miss my far-flung friends. Heck, I even miss friends who live 15 minutes away! Though I tried to keep in touch with people using WhatsApp, email and letters/cards – I failed miserably. It makes me feel like a bad friend (though I guess the same could be said for them in this regard). What’s that saying about a road paved with good intentions…

I love this post on a blog I recently came across at Black Coffee and Cigarettes about 15 things you can learn from Facebook! And I also agree with Cindy over at 3 Kids 2 Dogs 1 Old House where she talked about managing discontent and how our access to people’s lives can make us feel inadequate or that we’re missing out.

So, before I make a decision, I’ve listed the pros and cons that came to mind. I have a longer list, but for the sake of simplicity, these are some of the most obvious ones:


  • Keeping in touch with friends (near and far)
  • Reconnecting with/finding old friends
  • Birthday reminders!


  • Awful images of hurt/butchered animals and people
  • An overload of daily quotes and inspirations (*sigh* Too much of a good thing and all that)
  • Mystery posts and status updates that scream for attention, like “It’s so unfair!” or “Why is it always me?!”
  • Keyboard warriors who blatantly bash their job/boss/ex or constantly air all their dirty laundry for all the world to see
  • Keyboard (sl)activism – this is a touchy subject and requires a post all of its own
  • People who I actually couldn’t care less about liking and commenting on my posts and photos (sounds mean, but it’s true)
  • People I knew a hundred years ago, who can’t greet me when they see me at the Pick n Pay, who want to friend me (WTF?!)
  • Getting tagged in posts/pics so everyone knows my exact location and what I’ve been up to

Um, ja… not looking all that great judging by this list. The cons far outweigh the pros in my opinion, but maybe I’ll do a trial period and change my profile settings. I’ll need to do a bit of housekeeping and remove/delete/block some people or change their settings. Apparently there have been a number of updates since I was active on Facebook and managing your profile and what people can see, etc. has become easier and more secure.

Let me know any tips/tricks you use to keep your profile private/secure or just under control!

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