I got a car!

I’ve had my own car since I was 20. My dad bought me a 1963 VW Beetle as an early 21st birthday gift. And I loved it! It didn’t have that awful dark brown interior that most Beetles have (you know which interior I’m talking about, don’t you?) Instead, it had a vibrant blue interior. I loved how it smelled inside too! The smell is hard to describe, but if you’ve ever been in an old Beetle, or any car older than 30 years for that matter, you’ll know what smell I’m talking about.

So, I have been without a car for 5 and a half months – the how or why aren’t important, but 5 and a half months, people! Do you have any idea what that does to your sense of independence? Everything becomes a logistical issue. Forgot to buy milk on the way home or felt too bad too ask your lift to stop so you could buy some on the way home? Need to pop out at lunchtime to run an errand or to buy yourself something for lunch? Well, you better hope one of your kind colleagues will take you with then when they pop out. Need to buy groceries? Sorry, but you’re home alone and you’ll have to wait for your other half to get home from work first. Feel like popping to the mall to do some errands? Nope, sorry. You’ll have to coordinate with your other half to see if and when you can either get the car, be dropped off and collected again, or when the other half can go with. It’s exhausting and frustrating.

But not anymore! Today, amidst studying for a semester exam (I write tomorrow) we bought a new secondhand car for me/us … And it is awesome! It’s something we can use to go camping, go off the beaten track or on a family outing. I also don’the have to worry about getting stuck in flooded roads and abandoning my car, as it has a higher road clearance than a sedan. I love it already! Now that we are a two-car household again, I can come and go as I please!

Oh happy day! Here’s to many safe kilometres and happy adventures!


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