30 Weeks {Pregnancy}

This week marked week 30 of my pregnancy! Do you know what that means? That means it’s only 10 weeks to our daughter’s due date. Cue ALL the excitement!

KB and I had a scan yesterday and our doctor confirmed that both baby K and I are healthy and everything looks on track for her due date on 5 February 2018. According to her scan measurements, she weighs approximately 1,26kg and is an average size baby. This makes me happy as it improves my chances of attempting a natural delivery. There is just one little snag – since our last doctor’s appointment she has somersaulted and is now lying breech. Our doctor reassured us that there is still enough time for her to move into the correct position for a natural delivery. However, he did also discuss the scenario of her not changing position and a c-section then being the only option. He is such a thorough man and always takes his time explaining things to us in a manner that allows us to understand what he is saying.


  • My weight has crept up to 5,2kg total weight gained
  • Baby K is super active and you can physically see her movement on my tummy. I won’t lie, it looks alien-like…LOL! She likes to party late at night and tends to be quieter between 4pm and 6:30pm. Once I’ve eaten supper she’s up and at ‘em again!
  • My sleep is out the door. Lying down in any position is generally quite uncomfortable. It’s particularly awkward to lie on my left side (which is my preferred side to sleep on), as baby K presses on my sciatic nerve. I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that sleep will elude me more and more as my due date approaches.
  • I still don’t like people touching me/my tummy, and remain baffled by how people just do it and assume it’s OK. *Sigh* But I have gotten slightly better at masking my negative (reflex) reaction to it.
  • I can no longer see my nether region. TMI? #SorryNotSorry. You might not think this is an issue, but a lady also needs to ahem… “maintain the situation” if you know what I mean. So this is slightly problematic.
  • No stretchmarks have appeared yet. Or I should rather say I have no new stretch marks!

Food and cravings

Lately I enjoy eating yogurt with fresh fruit, and salads. But the weather is likely the influence on my latest diet choice versus pregnancy cravings.

Fortunately, I don’t have any food aversions. However, I did get a slight gag reflex over a plate of raw lamb chops at a braai a few weeks ago. Even though I’m pescetarian, I love the smell of raw meat, like when you walk into a butchery. So being “offended” by the smell of the chops is unusual for me.

Buying all the things

I don’t really buy into the concept Black Friday, but I do love a bargain! I did buy this sweet wooden succulent stacking doll for baby K from Rose and Vickory (it was 20% off on Black Friday). It’s handmade and handpainted, I can’t wait for it to arrive!

We recently also bought a Graco travel system (pram and baby carrier with an isofix base). I’m pleased as punch to say it isn’t a screaming pink, I saw one that was so pink it actually made me shudder. The system we bought has a dark blue, grey, white and light green colour scheme.

The closer my due date gets the more excited I am. KB and I often talk about how exciting the new year will be for us and how much we are looking forward to all the “firsts” with baby K!

P.S. I bought the onesies in the header image at Exact. Super cute, hey?!

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