4 Months In

Time is flying by. Our tiny human is already 4 months old! Things are much better since my last post. The tiny human is taking a bottle more readily and is perfectly OK without me through the day. This is due to the fact that she has an attentive, patient and loving caregiver when KB and I are not home.

4-month update

Over the past month, our tiny human:

  • Wore her first pair of jeans. It is just too cute!
  • Attended her first wedding – my brother got married.
  • Sat up unaided for a second or 2 before toppling over.
  • Voiced her dislike (loudly and insistently) of the African Baby Carrier I bought to carry her around in. I’ve also tried carrying her in a wrap on various occassions; she hates it too. I’ll try the carrier again in a couple of weeks.
  • Noticed her feet. I’m not sure she knows that they are in fact her feet, but she is entertained by them. It is making nappy changes more challenging though!
  • Started grabbing at her toys on her baby gym and bouncer chair’s toy arch.
  • Napped for an hour and a half straight.
  • Started drooling excessively and making more sounds using her tongue, as opposed to just moaning and babbling.

Today also marks my first day back at work. Although I am going to miss her little face a lot, like a lot a lot, I am looking forward to getting a sense of “me” back. I’m sure our new norm will come with a few challenges and some adjustments, but I’m also sure it is going to be great in so many ways!


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