5 Weeks 5 Days {Pregnancy}

I’ve (finally) finished writing all my semester exams – only one more semester to go before I finish my BA in Communication Science! I was telling friends last week that I am so tired of studying. KB and I have been dating for over 6 years, I’ve been studying for 5 of those. It’s pretty much dictated our social life for the majority of our relationship. I’m lucky that he is so supportive and hasn’t once been resentful or annoyed when I say I can’t attend a braai or go to a party because I have to study. I have a break before the next semester starts and I’m going to use it to relax to the max!

This is the first weekend that I haven’t had to study. We’ve spent it on the couch mooching about in our PJs, watching movies snuggled under blankets with copious amounts of snacks. And I made a killer lentil and coconut curry for supper! (Excuse me while I pat myself on the back for making enough that I don’t have to cook later today!)

Winter is for chilling

I am more of a summer lover, however, I do appreciate that winter forces us to slow down and take a step back. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that I spend more time reading, baking and couch surfing than I do in warmer weather. If you read my Needful Things post for April you’ll know that I bought myself the book Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I finally started reading it this weekend and I’m hooked! I haven’t allowed myself any reading time while in the thick of studying, because I have absolutely no self-control and would neglect my learning material in favour of reading. I’ve also been googling and reading up about pregnancy and being pregnant – what to expect, etc. It’s exciting!

Pregnancy update

We did fertility treatment at Tygerberg Fertility Clinic – today I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant! You can read more about the ICSI procedure we did here. I’ve used an online due date calendar to see what my expected due date is; it’s calculated as 6 February 2018 – we’ll have to see how accurate this is and see what Dr Thabo Masaseng says at our first scan on 10 July! We plan to share the news more widely after this scan, currently we’re keeping it on the quiet side as it’s still very early. (Of all the people following my blog, only a small handful are close friends, family or colleagues – they all know it’s still on the lowdown, so I’m okay with sharing updates here.)

According to a pregnancy app I downloaded, the baby is roughly the size of a sesame seed and measures around 3mm. The kidneys, liver, intestines, appendix and other vital organs are already starting to grow. Upper and lower limb buds are starting to form (these will eventually be arms and legs!). The earliest version of the retinas is also developing. Nostrils and facial features are starting to form this early too. Isn’t that flipping incredible? I am awestruck by what my body is doing while I go about my business.

I don’t feel nauseous at all, but I am feeling quite crampy – similar to period pain. My emotions are OK, though I am irritable over small things. But the most noticeable thing of all? I want to eat ALL THE POTATOES. As in ALL.THE.TIME. I don’t really care how they’re prepared; boiled, roasted, mashed, fried, a bag of crisps… I’m not fussy. Potatoes in any form are a MUST at this point. I’ve always enjoyed potatoes, I am that person who will be satisfied with a plate of chips for breakfast, but this is on another level. Fortunately I seem to have gone off all the sweet things. Hopefully I move on to another food fixture, because potatoes aren’t exactly the least fattening item on the menu, ya know?!

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  1. Awesome! This update was worth the wait, lol. Your potato craving cracked me up!And ja, I totally get you about the studying thing. I met my husband in varsity but was ‘forced’ into my degree by my snobby mom so when I met him, I quit uni, then changed degree and started again while we were married. I’m currently doing my Honours so can TOTALLY feel you. Enjoy the little break! All the best with ‘school.’ Man, seeing your update made my day. I had no clue how worried I was about you till I saw it and heaved a sigh of relief. Can’t wait till July 10!!

    • Hi Thandi – I’m hanging in there with my studies and can’t wait to be done! Well done on going back to your studies and best of luck finishing your honours. The potato obsession is real. At this rate I’ll gain a food baby too . Thanks for your sweet comment, Inc to know you have people rooting for you! Can’t wait for you and your hubby to get going in August! Yes, we’re excited for 10 July too xx

  2. So happy that all is going well so far…I look forward to your updates. Had my scan yesterday and Egg Retrieval is set for tomorrow at 09:10am…anxious,nervous and excited…Your blog has really helped me to prepare myself mentally for each step…thank you once again.

    • Hi Ladybird – WOW, that is so flipping exciting! Will keep you in my thoughts and sending you all the positive vibes for a successful retrieval – then a few days wait before they do embryo transfer. Please let me know how it goes! xx

  3. Congrats Nicky – what an exciting journey for you and KB. Amazing the miracle of life…..
    And on completing your studies – well jolly done!! That is super exciting xx

  4. Hi Nicky its Ella I left a comment earlier asked for advice my 2nd IVF is in September Tygerberg .I really need support on what to eat drink to make it work this time

    • Hi Ella

      I did see your earlier comment and I did reply to it – you posted it under my “One Step Closer” post 🙂

      Unfortunately I am not qualified to give you any idea advise, but I suggest you go and see a professional person if you feel it will help. I didn’t make any lifestyle changes or follow a specific diet to try and aid pregnancy. I really hope you have better luck at Tygerberg in September x

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