9 Weeks {Pregnancy}

Today I’m 9 weeks pregnant! Is it weird that I haven’t bought anything for the baby yet? Actually, I lie, I plan on cloth diapering and I’ve bought 2 cloth diapers, but that was before we actually fell pregnant, so it doesn’t count. I’m not sure why I haven’t? Perhaps I’m still in denial that I am in fact pregnant and that everything will be OK? (If you’re new around here, read more about our experience at Tygerberg Fertility Clinic and Dr Thabo Matsaseng here.)

I looked at baby things with KB last week to get a feel of what’s available in terms of cots, prams, car seats etc. Other than the “big items” nothing caught my eye or made me want to buy it as far as toys, clothes or any of the other paraphernalia that babies apparently need.

Side note: Good grief, how much stuff do babies need? I mean have you walked into a baby retail store? It is overwhelming AF.

To be fair, once we know the gender I’m sure I’ll start finding bits and bobs that I like. That was another conversation KB and I had ­– whether or not to find out the baby’s gender. KB would like to know the gender for practical reasons, I can’t fault his logic. But there is also a small part of me that is a bit bummed that knowing ahead of time is an option. I loved lucky packets as a child and I still do, so the idea of being surprised really appeals to me. However, practicality will win in the end.

Every week (on a Tuesday) I get a notification from the pregnancy app I downloaded that we’ve reached another milestone. Before we get up for work KB and I lie in bed and read the milestones together. As I said, today marks 9 weeks! According to the app, baby is the size of a cherry, measuring 2,3cm from crown to rump! I’m a bit confused, because last week’s prompt said that baby is the size of a raspberry, which in my opinion is roughly the same size as a cherry, if not bigger? Maybe the cherries are bigger in the States (it looks like it could be an American app). KB’s comment was, “Cherries are fatter.” It’s all in the details people!

I am still fascinated that my body is growing a person. I am not alone for a second of the day. There is another person constantly with me – such a bizarre thought to wrap my head around.


I weighed myself this morning. The scale says I picked up a few kilograms. I’m not sure how much of that is actually baby-related and how much is potato-related weight though… LOL! I still feel pretty good and have only felt nauseous a couple of times (at night), but not bad enough to actually go to the bathroom and get sick. I feel pretty tired from time to time – but studying and working means I often feel tired anyway, so it doesn’t bother me too much. What I forgot to mention in the previous pregnancy post is how sore my boobs are. TMI? Sorry! That seems to have calmed down a bit though, but I’ve switched to wearing soft stretchy bras as opposed to the t-shirt bras I usually wear. Not sure I’ll switch back to be honest – this is waaaaay more comfortable! Sudden movements or getting up too fast often results in a stabby pain in my lower abdomen – not in a alarm-causing way, just a reminder from my body that I need to be considerate about the movements I make.

Food and cravings

I am still all about the potatoes – current fav is smothered in butter with salt and pepper. No carbs are too big or too small! But I’m still eating pretty healthy (and generally do as a rule). My aversion to sweet things is specific to chocolate. I’ll smash a bag of Woolies gummies no questions asked, but a bar of chocolate holds no appeal (unusual for me). I also have to eat roughly every 1,5 – 2 hours. I’ll eat something and roughly 2 hours later I’m starving and feel like I haven’t eaten at all the entire day.

Current typical day of food:

  • 8am Smoothie
  • 10am Cinnamon oats or tasty wheat
  • 11:30 A fruit
  • 1pm Lunch
  • 2:30 A fruit/snack
  • 5pm Peanut butter toast (when I get home)
  • 6:30/7pm Supper
  • 8:30/9pm Small yoghurt/cheese/pickles/handful of olives/tomato/cucumber… Basically anything I can get my grubby little paws on that I can swipe straight from the fridge and shovel in.
  • 10:30pm Bedtime

We’re very excited for Monday when we get to do our first scan! We’ll also find out if it’s twins or not, though the likelihood is roughly only 20%. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I jazzed up the original image by Patryk Dziejma to use in the header.



  1. Hi Nicky

    So lovely to read your post 🙂
    I am excited for your Monday scan. You will find out whether you carrying twins or not.

    So happy to be able to follow your journey. It provides us with hope.

    We are now playing the waiting game to see when my AF will decide to come and visit. She should be here around the 23rd July.
    Its quite a task to try and juggle the leave that’s needed to be applied for so that we make the hospital appointments on the day required. Here’s hoping the first ivf cycle works.
    Please continue to keep us posted. I wish you good health during your pregnancy and hope you enjoy every moment of it 🙂

    • Hi Rafieka!
      Thank you for the lovely message!
      I felt so impatient waiting and waiting for AF… I hope the next few weeks pass swiftly for you 🙂 Yes, trying to plan leave is very difficult. I am very fortunate in that I spoke to my team leader and my line manager and explained the situation to them – they were very understanding and allowed me to work the time back where possible. I did take a half day leave for the egg extraction (mine was scheduled around lunch so it worked out for me) and then a full day for the day of embryo transfer, because you are meant to take it easy afterwards and the transfer was scheduled for the morning. I will keep everything crossed for a successful first round for you too! x

  2. Hi Nicky,
    Although I don’t “know: you as such, I feel as though I have known you forever and am so happy for you and KB and excited to follow this journey of yours.
    The urge to shop will come eventually even if it is only in the last month. I was also a cloth nappy mommy and buying a pack or two of nappies, disposable or cloth, each month is a good idea because you can never have too many.
    Wishing you all the best for your scan on Monday, Do you continue with the same medical team or change to Private now that you are pregnant?
    Take Care

    • Hi Dianne! Isn’t modern technology wonderful – I know being online on various platforms can be draining or make us feel inadequate or insecure because our life doesn’t always match the “shiney” lives people often portray, but it also allows us to connect with others and forms friendships even if we’ve never laid eyes on each other! I also feel as though we’ve known each other for ages.
      KB also said I mustn’t worry about not feeling the urge to buy anything yet… he knows it will come.
      The cloth diapers that are available these days are so flipping cute – and though the initial outlay is big, the savings are huge in the long run. But, yes – we will start buying monthly too. Thanks for the well wishes, I’ll keep you posted he it goes. As far as switching to private, we would prefer to – not because we don’t like the team at Tygerberg, but because both KB and I end up having to put in leave because of the travel and time involved every visit we make to Tygerberg. But I’ll have to ask Dr Matsaseng when we can switch to private and how it works. Thanks for the lovely message, I always love to chat to you xx

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