A jumble of bits

I’ve had a tough time keeping up with everything lately. The days seem shorter, the weeks are flying by and Christmas is already chomping at the bit to get here – How is it October already?!  I start work on Monday and before I know it, it’s Friday and the weekend has arrived…

I have so many thoughts running through my head, but no time (and sometimes no inclination) to jot them down or blog them quickly. I have endless unfinished paragraphs; trains of thought that never see the light of day. In an attempt to summarise, I thought I’d share the jumble of things that caught my eye or touched my heart to try and keep ahead of myself!

The big 5-oh

I have been a rockstar girlfriend. I’m not blowing my own horn (well OK, maybe a little) but I’ve managed to pull off the surprise of the year! Kevin turned the big five-oh on Monday and I’ve been cahooting with his kids for months that they all be here for the momentous occasion!

Both his daughters live in different provinces and they flew in to surprise him and spend his birthday weekend here with us. His son currently lives with us, but is going over to the UK indefinitely at the end of the year. So, this is probably the last birthday K will spend with all his kids under one roof for some time to come. To say he was blown away when they had all eventually arrived would be an understatement! He couldn’t believe that they were all here! I’ve been keeping this secret since June – I still can’t belive we were able to keep it a surprise!

To celebrate his birthday, a couple of our friends and I bought a professional photoshoot for K as a gift. He has no nice photos of him with all his kids – there is always someone pulling a silly face in the ones we have. I thought it would be a special gift and I’ll share the photos with his kids too, so they also have some nice photos with their dad. K loved the idea and we (surprisingly) had fun at the shoot! I don’t have the photos yet, but will post some as soon as I get them!

We hired a taxi for the evening and started off at the Sky Bar in De Waterkant,  Cape Town but they had a private function so we went and had cocktails on the terrace at The Piano Bar where we were having supper. After supper we tore up the dance floors at DecoDance in Seapoint; it’s an iconic club with 2 dance floors playing music from the 80s onwards. What a blast – we got home around 3am and to bed around 5am!

We also made it to Hermanus for some whale watching and a bite to eat the day after the birthday celebrations – What a special, jam-packed weekend!

Unusual words

You’re never too old to learn something new. I came across the phrontistery website while looking for an alternative word to use in a document I was working on. I learned that I am both a turophile, a lover of cheese, and an oenophile, a lover of wine! If weird words are your thing, you‘ll enjoy a visit to this site.

Feeling all the feels

Enjoying the small things blog is one of the first blogs I started following. The heart-wrenching, honest post about Nella’s birth touched something deep in my heart. Nella has Down syndrome; it doesn’t mean she can’t do the things that other little girls do – she just has her own rhythm 🙂 I loved these words in one of Kelle Hampton’s latest posts; “We don’t raise our kids strong to withstand; we raise them strong so that they will change the world. We think less about the shield they’re walking out there with and more about the sword they’re carrying.”


I love origami and though I’m nowhere near good at it, I do enjoy it and teach myself to fold various things following online tutorials. Would you believe folding a hoppy frog is my party trick? No lies! Needless to say, I love Cape Town-based origami artist Ross Symons’ Instagram account! Also, I covet an origami beauty from Florigami for my home.

Adding some colour

To feed my inner child (and an early birthday gift to myself), I bought Valentina Harper’s animals colouring book. K spoilt me to new colouring pencils too – good grief, a decent set costs dearly, people! Colouring soothes my frazzled perfectionist soul; I could colour for hours! I love to keep my pencils sharp and store them in my preferred colour spectrum. I colour strictly in the lines (my colouring says a lot about my personality – Ha!) I chose to colour the deer first. It’s not done yet, but I am in love with it so far!



I had my nails done at the salon for the first time in my life. Yes, the first time EVER! I had a Gelish “mini mani” and picked a nude, as it seemed the best choice for work or casual wear. I sat through the filing and buffing like a champion! I can’t even be in the same room as anyone filing their nails; it’s like torture! I had my nails done over a week ago and still no chips or blemishes on my nails – I think I’ll get bored of the colour before it chips at this rate! The only down side is that I’ll have to go to the salon to get the polish removed. You can do it at home with industrial strength acetone, cotton wool and tin foil. But it seems extreme and I’d rather just pay the money to have it removed properly.


I am more of a shower person than a bath person, but I do enjoy a good pamper and girly bath! I absolutely LOVE the Rain Africa bath fizzies and bath salts! What I love even more is the process choosing every item and making up a gift for a specific person. Rain products are handmade and cruelty-free, they smell awesome and make any bath luxurious – If you’ve not tried anything from Rain yet, do yourself a favour and get on that stat! I think it makes the gift more personal choosing each item. Today is my mom’s birthday and I chose some lovely bits from Rain for her, and celebrated  with a bottle of Nederburg bubbly too!

Whew… that clears some of the unfinished bits floating about in my mind! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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