In a nutshell: My name is Nicky, I work fulltime and study part-time. I’m blessed to have a wonderful guy in my life, KB, and to be adored by the best dog in the world, Ozzy, our American Pit Bull Terrier. Even on my worst day, he thinks I am awesome beyond words (man and dog, that is). And I am a slave to my soulmate and loyal fat cat, Leyla, who (along with the dog) dictates where I sleep on the bed!

I love food (both cooking it and eating it). I love to read and to get lost in a good book. I am becoming a social media junkie. I try to be eco-friendly as far as possible. I became a pescetarian in March 2013. I am currently studying a BA in Communication Science (part-time). I LOVE the colour green, my tattoos, and sunshine. I suffer from road rage and hate women drivers who give the rest of us a bad name. I have a secret stationery/packaging fetish that I am finally allowing to surface (much to the dislike of my bank balance). It’s no secret that I am terrified of geese – geese are badass scary…

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