We Accidentally Celebrated Valentine’s Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? If you do then Happy Happy! Hearts and bubbles to you! KB and I don’t really celebrate it. Don’t get me wrong, like most women, I’d be tickled pink to get choccies or flowers (I’m a hopeless romantic), but it’s just not KB’s thing – and that’s OK. Admittedly, I did buy him a shmoozy Valentine’s chocolate last year (and today), but that’s about as far as it goes. We did however accidentally celebrate it about 3 years ago when we went out for dinner! We were completely unsuspecting of the Valentine’s Day celebration about to blast us into kingdom come.

It was a beautiful summer day and KB had suggested that we go out to dinner on the beachfront and enjoy the sunset. He was on the road so I offered to find a restaurant and make the reservation. After much calling around, I finally found a restaurant that could squeeze in 2 people. I did find it odd that it was proving to be quite a challenge to find a restaurant that could fit us in. I had called practically every restaurant on the beachfront before finding one that had a cancellation. I still had not connected the dots that it was in fact Valentine’s Day. I just figured the lack of restaurant capacity had something to do with the gorgeous weather. Well, let me tell you, the minute we walked into the restaurant, the penny dropped…

The restaurant had gone the whole hog: Rose petals on the floor and on the tables, Amarula liquer on “Valentine’s Day promotion”, free (pink) welcome drinks and heart ballons floating up to the ceiling and a complimentary red rose for each lady in the restaurant. It was enough to make a unicorn throw up. But we did have a good giggle and it was a lovely evening, despite the over-the-top décor. And I won’t lie, my inner hopeless romantic was thrilled to be out and about on Valentine’s Day eve!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day if it’s your thing! If you are spoiling that special someone at home, and need a great idea for a pink drink, try this Minty Watermelon & Strawberry Fizz cocktail – it’s sure to be a winner!

Header image by Rowan Heuvel


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