Are you feeling lucky, punk?

I work really hard for my money and I hate parting with it – unless I get something in return. The attraction of going to a casino, betting on sports (or buying tickets for the national lottery for that matter) is completely lost on me. KB and I went to the Kings of Chaos rock concert at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World in 2013. It was epic; my mind was blown watching Slash play guitar in the flesh, as only he can! Seeing him perform live was phenomenal and is on par with my experience of watching Metallica perform live for the first time at the Coca-Cola Music Festival at the old Greenpoint Stadium, back in 2005. It makes my heart race a little just thinking back on it! But, I am getting completely sidetracked…

Back to the gambling thing… Having arrived a little early for the concert, KB and I decided to “go wild” and each spent R100 in the casino (yeah, we went BIG, I know!) We both lost all our money. In 10 minutes flat. No my friends, I am not a born gambler and the oppressive atmosphere in the gambling hall, coupled with my distress at seeing a woman in what can only be described as “huis klere”, slippers and rollers in her hair (I kid you not) scratching desperately in her bag for loose change to exchange for gambling credit, was enough to put me off. For life.

I’ve never been one to play the national lottery. I’ve heard of people who spend hundreds of Rands on lottery tickets every week. Some people have very intricate, complex ways of selecting their numbers, while others opt for a random “quick pick” selected by the lottery ticket-issuing machine. I felt “lucky” yesterday and I was compelled (yes, compelled!) to buy tickets for the national lottery. Do you ever feel lucky like that? And more importantly, did you act on it and did your luck pan out?

Good grief, did you know there is more than one draw a week? It was all a little overwhelming when the girl at the tillpoint asked me what kind of ticket(s) I’d like to buy. Did I want to play Lotto or Lotto Plus? Did I want to play Power Ball or Power Ball Plus? How many lines did I want to play? Did I want to pick my own numbers or did I want a quick pick? As the queue behind me started shifting restlessly, I opted for a selection of entries. Following the don’t-keep-all-your-eggs-in-one-basket approach, I chose my own numbers once and played the Lotto (just one line). To raise my odds (ha!) I also chose a Lotto quick pick (just one line) and a Power Ball thingo (also just one line). I spent R17.50 in total and left there feeling slightly less lucky than when I was driving to the shop. Probably because I realised how small the odds are that I actually win the lottery.

But, as they say, “You’ve gotta be innit to winnit!” So, we’ll watch the draw tonight and tomorrow night (apparently I have tickets to both draws!) to see whether or not I can book a trip to Turkey or New York, or whether I should just go ahead and quit my day job and chase an endless summer around the world!

Fingers crossed…

*Note added on 17 January 2016: I did not win the lottery. Sadly, I failed to even win back the money I splurged on the tickets. Thank goodness I am not a gambler!


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