Confetti for my wedding day

Before you get all excited at the mention of “wedding day”, no – I am not on the verge of getting married. And if I were on the verge of getting married, it would likely be to elope!

It’s strange (and awesome) how ordinary everyday objects can remind you of a long-forgotten memory. A paper punch recently caught my eye at the office and it sparked a memory of when I was about 10 years old and had a stash of paper confetti.

I don’t remember how I came to have the confetti, but I kept it in a special box with some pristine white paper and scrap bits of different colour paper. The funniest thing of all? I would sit and diligently punch, punch, punch, punch to build my stash… for MY WEDDING DAY – Ha! I have to laugh.

Side note – do you have any idea how long it takes to produce the smallest handful of confetti? Manually, with a regular paper punch? Let me tell you it’s no walk in the park! Now that I think about it, I wonder what happened to my stash?


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