Cranberry Twist {Cocktail}

Today marks not only Human Rights Day in South Africa, but it’s also my friend B’s birthday! What better day to celebrate and to share my 2nd cocktail recipe from the cocktails-and-braai night I recently had with my mom?! Oh, and did you see my previous cocktail, Stoned Lime?

I was going to call this cocktail a “Crime” because of the ingredients (cranberry juice and lime), but thought it might have too much of a negative connotation for some people and opted to call it a Cranberry Twist instead. It’s really simple to make…

Cranberry Twist ingredients

Cranberry Twist Cocktail


1-2 Shots vodka
15ml Lime juice (I squeezed mine fresh)
Cranberry juice
Fresh lime wedges to serve


  1. Pour the vodka and lime juice over ice
  2. Top with cranberry juice (add half cranberry juice and half lemonade for a sparkling version)
  3. Add fresh lime wedges and serve

Chef’s notes

  • Be warned: You can use less or more vodka depending how big your glass is or how well you handle your liquor, because this goes down like juice!
  • Add half cranberry juice, half lemonade for a “sparkling pink drink”
  • Next time I’ll make less work for myself and mix a jug full and keep it in the fridge instead of making individual cocktails


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