My Due Date is Confirmed

We had what turned out to be our last scan this morning. My due date is Monday, 5 February. Did you know that only around 5% of babies are born on their due date? Despite the fact that her room is ready, baby K is not showing any signs of moving out of her womb anytime soon. I was really hoping to attempt a natural delivery, but after discussing my situation with our obstetrician, we’ve decided to go ahead with a c-section on Monday. This means our daughter will arrive on her due date (unless I go into labour before then).

I’ve really struggled with a persistent chronic cough – it literally takes my breath away. After consulting with a pulmonologist last week (a lung specialist), I was cleared to attempt a natural delivery as my lung capacity is still at 90%. I happened to bump into the pulmonologist on my way up to see our obstetrician this morning. He asked if I had any relief with the additional asthma pumps he had prescribed. I confirmed that nothing had changed. While we sat with the obstetrician, the pulmonologist also called to consult with him. They have agreed that I should get a chest and sinus x-ray once I’ve delivered baby K. We can discuss a course of treatment for my cough after delivery, as I am limited in what medicine I can take while pregnant.

The long and the short of it is that a c-section is the better alternative in light of the fact that:

  • My blood pressure has been up and down over the past month, unfortunately, more on the high side of late (high blood pressure is a symptom of pre-eclampsia).
  • There are signs of protein in my urine (another symptom of pre-eclampsia).
  • The cough I have is so bad that I can’t keep food down. If I go into a coughing fit I bring up any food or liquid in my stomach. I’ve lost weight, don’t sleep well and feel exhausted. Not great for someone who is gearing up for labour.
  • Baby K weighed an estimated 2,6kgs 2 weeks ago. According to her measurements in the scan this morning she has only gained roughly 100g in 2 weeks and now weighs an estimated 2,7kgs. This means that she is not growing optimally which is a concern.

Our first major decision as parents

Our obstetrician said we could wait a couple of days to see if labour occurred naturally. However, he did also advise that he didn’t feel comfortable leaving it too long since I’ve reached full term and am starting to show symptoms of pre-eclampsia. He discussed all scenarios with us but left the decision up to KB and I. We asked all the questions we could think of and decided to go ahead with a c-section on Monday. That gives us the weekend for baby K to decide whether or not she is ready to join us.

I can’t say there is much hope that I’ll go into labour before Monday seeing as she hasn’t engaged yet, nor are there any signs that my cervix is opening (sorry, TMI I know). The obstetrician was sensitive to the fact that I wanted to attempt natural delivery. He tried to reassure me that labour could still occur naturally over the weekend and often happens quickly.

I am not excited at the thought of surgery and really wanted to have a shot at a natural delivery. But if a c-section is in our daughter’s best interest then I am onboard. Things don’t always go according to plan and I’m sure this is just the start of wanting things to go one way as far as parenting goes and it going in the complete opposite direction.

We can’t wait to meet her!

I won’t lie, I’m bummed that my pregnancy will likely end in a c-section. Despite things not progressing the way we were hoping, we are super excited to meet our daughter! Although we were fortunate to fall pregnant on our first try with fertility treatment, it’s been a long journey to get here and we can’t wait to see what she looks like!

What colour will her hair be? I was hoping she’d have gorgeous red hair like her dad when he was younger. Will she even have hair? Who will she look like or will she be a good blend of both of us? Will she have her daddy’s blue eyes or my hazel eyes? Will she have his height and my eye lashes? Whoever she takes after, what we both agree on is that she’ll have beautiful feet – because we both have great looking feet! It’s so exciting and Monday can’t come soon enough!

P.S I forgot to mention in earlier posts that I’ve felt her have the hiccups on and off for the past month or so – it’s so funny (and cute!).



  1. Thinking of you guys…I know the feeling, being in labor and then having an emergency c-section – its a bummer but what is best for baby comes first…All the best.

    • Hi Jodie! Thank you, I know things will work out as they are meant to and we’re friggin’ excited!

  2. All the best to you Nicky, hopefully baby K makes an entrance before Monday…I’m so excited for you guys and look so forward to your next post Xx

  3. Hi nicky. I really had a big LOL now when u mentioned the hiccups. How did u even realize she was having hiccups. Oh one more question how did u get hold of Dr M. Did u call him to make an appointment? Where was ur referral from. Sorry with the questions. Hope she comes over the weekend coz I’m excited to know her name and u mentioned that we will only know once she’s born.

    • Hi Taugheedah! LOL… It’s hard to explain how I can feel that she has the hiccups, but it’s a distinct repetitive “hic”. And as far as getting in touch with Dr M you’ll have to go through the fertility team at Tygerberg. To get an appointment you can contact them directly and ask them what the steps are. These are the details I used:

      T: 021 – 938 4473

      I must just add that I have heard that Dr M is on sabbatical for the year. However, I’m not sure who is standing on or how this affects the fertility clinic at Tygerberg. Best thing is to contact them direct x

      • Thanks so much Nicky. Victoria is going to refer me to GHS bit after reading your blog I think I would rather want to be under Tygerberg.
        How’s baby doing today. Best wishes for the delivery.

        • Hi Taugheedah – As I understand it, where you live determines whether or not you fall into the catchment area for Tygerberg or Groote Schuuur. But I’m sure they will be able to give you the correct process when you contact them. Wishing you all the best. And baby is doing very well thanks and thank you for the wishes! x

          • Hi Nicky just wanna give u best wishes for today. I guess u must be very anxious by now. Everything will be smooth. May God protect the doctors hands that will be delivering ur angel. Hope we get the name soon lol. Everything of the keeping u in my prayers.

          • Hi Taugheedah – Thank you for the lovely message! Everything went smoothly and as soon as I have a moment I’ll do an update on the blog 🙂

  4. Hi Nicky,
    So excited and cannot believe that D Day is here already. In my opinion there is far too much pressure on women regarding their birth plan and that C/Sections are not only unnatural but wrong.
    I had two C/Sections, one under anesthesia and one spinal block. I have no regrets. I healed faster and the only important thing is your health and well being and your babies. Just walk around as soon as you can the day you have the C/Section and you will heal quickly.
    All the best and hope everything else goes well and according to plan

    • Hi Dianne! I’m OK with having a c-section, just a bit disappointed. But agree, the health and wellbeing of my child is my top priority. Plus the excitement of finally meeting her outweighs the disappointment by a mile! Thank you for the words of comfort and the well wishes! x

  5. I only found this now in my inbox – so by now you will be parents – a huge congrats to both of you!! How exciting. I hope all went well as these things can. Lots of love x

  6. I hope your lungs heal up soon so you can enjoy parenting. PS. Please could you email me when you fund time. I have a question for you. Nothing bad, just don’t want it online

    Congratulations on your sweet girl’s birth. Speedy recovery and good health to both of you.

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