It’s a go for embryo transfer tomorrow!

I know I’ve written many baby- and fertility-related lately. But you’ll have to get used it I’m afraid, because you can bet your bottom dollar it’s (hopefully) only going to get more baby-intense in future!

I was told that Dr Thabo Matsaseng would be in touch with me about the success (or failure) of the fertilization process following Monday’s aspiration. I was expecting a message from him today, so I kept checking my phone every couple of minutes. (I even took my phone to the loo with me incase I missed a call from him!)

After much anxious phone checking, Dr M SMSed me around 11:30am to tell me it’s a go for embryo transfer tomorrow! Apparently 2 of the 3 eggs that were retrieved were successfully fertilized. Guys, the excitement is real! Well, mostly it is, but there is also a small part of me that’s hesitant to be “all in.” I’m not naive and I know that there is a 50/50 chance that the transfer won’t be successful. I am being positive, just cautiously so.

It’s still a bit surreal that we’re at this point… It has taken years – friggin’ years to get this far and now that we’ve reached this point it’s a bit unreal.

Hold thumbs for me for tomorrow – and feel free to send all the positive vibes you can spare!

Read more about our fertility treatment journey at Tygerberg Fertility Clinic here.

Sweet header image of ducklings by Thomas Mühl.



  1. Am holding thumbs and toes and everything else for you, Nicky. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.
    I recently came across Marisa Peer on YouTube and The Mind Valley Academy and although I still battle with positive thoughts and the belief and confidence in being positive, her teachings about negative thoughts and half positives make so much sense. Your body listens to what your mind tells it.
    Looking forward to all the posts on your baby journey
    PS love the duck picture

    • Hi Dianne – Thank you for the lovely message and for all the positive vibes 🙂 We are excited and are wishing on every shooting star, etc. for a positive and healthy outcome! xx

  2. Aaaaccckkkkk!!! Oh my word. I’m so nervously excited. LOL. I am allowed to make words up! My husband thinks I’m totally insane to be so invested in you and “Our Fertility Site’s” lives but you’re currently the only two Saffers I know of who are undergoing this. I want to experience YOUR joy for a change, instead of the stuff Americans write. Local is lekker!

    • Hi Thandi – Haha! You’re not mad, I completely get what you mean about being invested… I follow a couple of parenting/lifestyle blogs and I feel totally invested in their lives too! The reason I blog about this is because it’s exactly as you say, there aren’t any “local” sites covering this topic (not that I’ve come across anyway). Thanks for the nervous excitement – it’s so flipping hectic… LOL! Will let you ladies know how it goes and do an update post on today’s experience as soon as I’ve submitted my portfolio exam that’s due tonight! x

  3. So excited for you…holding thumbs, crossing everything that can be crossed and praying and trusting that God will make it happen for you guys…positive vibes all the way.

    • Hi Ladybird – Thank you for the excitement and well wishes! Keep crossing everything! xx

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