From 2 to 3

For us, having a child won’t happen “the old fashioned way”, because my guy, KB, had a vasectomy may years ago. Instead, it’s going to be a long journey – actually, it’ll be more like an epic (expensive) expedition!

I thought about it long and hard and I’ve decided to share our journey on my blog. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, there is going to be some pretty invasive stuff happening all round. No one likes complete strangers all up in their junk. No one. Let alone sharing it online where anyone can read it and get an intimate first-hand account of the whole process. In fact, it’s probably going to go down as a giant over-share with a whole lot of TMI thrown in for good measure. I know that there must be other couples out there in a similar situation, who may benefit from my sharing our expedition into parenthood.

We can’t be the only couple in this situation and I hope sharing our journey makes it less daunting or scary for someone else out there. You can read all my fertility-related posts here.

{Posted on 22 January 2016.}