Google’s not always your friend

I love Google. If I want to do some baking research, like how to make lavender biscuits, I google it. If I want to know what the toll fee for the Huegenot tunnel is, I google it. If I’ve lost the box of anti inflammatory tablets at the back of the bathroom cupboard’s insert, I google it – you get the picture. But sometimes, if you are a worrier like me, Google is not your friend.

My car recently developed a weird metallic ticking sound coming from one the wheels. It got louder the further I drove. KB listened to it and said it might be a wheel bearing that needs to be replaced, but he’s not sure. He seemed to think it was okay to drive it for a couple of days until I have it looked at tomorrow – pay day. (Unfortunately, since paying the deposit on my car in May, I’ve not been able to get my savings going again and don’t have an emergency fund. This has just reaffirmed how important having an emergency fund is!)

So, of course I googled “driving with a bad wheel bearing.” Well, between words like “axle shorn off”, “lose control of the vehicle” and “wheel may completely stop rotating”, I decided not to drive my car at all. Hopefully, if it is the wheel bearing it’s not too pricey to have repaired.



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