Hurry Up Christmas!

Starting christmas traditions for our little family is something I can’t wait to do! For some people, Christmas can’t come soon enough, for others, it’s not a big deal. For me, the former holds true! You may or may not know this about me, but Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year! Last year was the first year I put up a Christmas tree in 23 years… Naturally, I am waiting (im)patiently for 12 December to roll around so I can put it up again!

You might wonder why I’ve chosen 12 December. Well, last year I decided that this would be my official “tree set-up date”, as it’s only 12 days to Christmas from there. And I am nothing if not OCD about the little things. If this is the date I’ve decided on, then this is the date it will be FOREVER…!

The approaching festive season has me thinking about all the Christmases I have to look forward to with KB and our daughter. I’m excited to start new traditions for our little family, as Christmas traditions (or any traditions come to think of it) just weren’t a thing in our family home when I was growing up. Yes, there was always epic food and time spent with family, but nothing specific to our family unit. KB’s family also didn’t have any specific celebrations or traditions when he was growing up.

Family traditions for the win!

We both agree that creating memories with our daughter is something that’s important to both of us. It’s not about doing grand or expensive things or about buying her stuff. We want her to look back on her childhood and remember specific things we did as a family.

I’ve already got a couple of ideas, luckily KB is happy to indulge me. The Christmas tradition we’ve stuck to over the past couple of years is to watch a Christmas-themed movie on Christmas eve. Love Actually is my personal favourite, even though I’ve watched it many times. And I’m super excited to add another tradition to the mix – especially since I read about this fantastic family Christmas box tradition over on The Milk Memoirs. I definitely plan on doing something similar and can’t wait to do all these special things for my little girl. It’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait!

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