I can’t boil eggs

I read somewhere that fish a have very short memory – I hope it’s true, particularly for those that live in a fishbowl. I have been so absent-minded lately, it’s really terrible! Ask me to do something and I’ll forget to do it 5 minutes later. Ask me to tell someone something and I’ll completely forget to relay the message. It’s frustrating for everyone involved.

I’ve increasingly found myself walking to the kitchen, opening the fridge and then forgetting what I’m looking for. Or I’ll walk from the lounge to our bedroom (with a purpose in mind) and forget what I was going to do/fetch. Scientifically, this is referred to as “the boundry effect” and it’s something that everyone suffers from, but mine is getting out of hand now!

I wanted to make some veggie fritters last week and went to the shop and bought all the ingredients… except the eggs. I gave our housekeeper a day off last week to take her youngest to the first day of school… but forgot to tell K. This meant he had to rearrange his business day and cancel meetings at the last minute, because Ozzy was locked in the house and I couldn’t get home to take him for a toilet break halfway through the day (he had knee surgery in December and we need to keep him as quiet as possible – no running around). I went to the shop to buy some things for supper recently and, as I walked out the door, K asked me to buy him a Lucozade…The Lucozade never made it home with me. The list of forgotten items/chores is endless!

Tonight I left boiling eggs on the stove. For 2 hours. And it’s the third time I’ve done it over the past few weeks! I boil the eggs in loads of water over low heat so they don’t crack open and I’ve been fortunate that the water has never run out completely, but it’s such a waste of food and gas. Have you ever tried to eat an egg that’s been boiling for a lifetime an extended period of time? Trust me when I say, “It’s not right, man. It’s just not right!”

I thought the eyes were the first to go as you get older, but it seems it’s the mind!

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