Innit to winnit

We were chatting in the office today and the conversation came up about what you would do if you won the national lottery. Now, I’ve been down this national lottery path before (with no luck), but I’ve decide I must do something to counterbalance the awful run of luck we’ve had lately.

KB managed to blow his car’s engine 2 weeks ago (a mechanical failure related to the oil guage). Luckily, we had taken out an extended motor warranty, so a big portion of the damage is covered, but we still have to shell out R10 000 to cover the outstanding portion that they won’t cover. This comes after having to replace the brake pads and discs, plus an oil service for my car, to the tune of R9 400. Oh, and while I’m on the subject, did you know that if you have a gap policy for your mechanical warranty (yes, there is such a thing), you must physically instruct the insurance company to activate it for your claim. How utterly ridiculous. That is not transparent in the least if you ask me. If KB had not called the insurance company to follow up on the claim and ask why they are only covering such a small amount, they would not have applied it to the claim, because we hadn’t instructed them to – even though the policy is with the same company, linked to the same client. And this was conveniently not explained to us when we took the policy out. Bloody crooks!

Back to the lottery conversation… My knee-jerk reaction to the question was to yell out, “Immediately quit my job!” But in hindsight, I’m not sure that I would. There was a lot of talking about buying property, which – let’s face it, is a very good decision. But in all honestly, I’d probably first blow a whack of cash on things that I don’t need, but that would make me happy before I do the responsible thing of buying property or investing.

Top of the list is to go to a hair salon to have a brazilian treatment, colour and cut. A run-of-the-mill activity for many women, but one that just doesn’t fit into my budget right now. I love my curls, but true to the clichè I want straight locks! There’s just no pleading us!

Now, if I could only remember to buy a ticket. Because you “gotta be innit to win it!”

On to a completely unrelated thought, don’t you just LOVE all the flowers coming out this time of the year! Spring is awesone!

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  1. Oh my word Nicky Cape Town is expensive. If we had to charge those prices, I wouldn’t have to win the lotto or the other extreme we wouldn’t have customers
    Yes yes yes about mechanical insurances, they help yes but…..
    Have you ever had a Brazilian. I was very disappointed when I had mine. I wouldn’t do it again. It wasn’t worth the money. Your hair looks lovely curly btw ☺

    • Hi Dianne! It is expensive, but we are going through a Volvo accredited workshop (he is a friend of KB’s and he trained at Volvo in Sweden, so he is good at what he does) and they are charging MUCH less than going through a dealer would have. But, it is a VERY painful exercise. Also means all our other “family plans” are on hold (again). Anyway, it will happen… eventually.

      Thanks for the compliment! I had a similar treatment to a brazilian 3 years ago and I loved it. It was so lovely and less fuss. I could literally wash and go – I didn’t even have to blow-dry! It was a french product (I don’t recall the name) they used because apparently a brazilian works well on chemically treated/coloured hair and at the time mine was “virgin”. My curls are a lot of work as far as just washing and going – it’s just not an option really. But that’s the irony, we always want what we don’t have 😉

  2. I don’t know why I thought you drove a Kia Sportage then 9k for service and brakes would be high for even dealer prices. Chad’s Audi goes to Audi for services and repairs because of the service motor plan and all the things they don’t cover is just ridiculously expensive. But you pay for what you drive
    We have also had such a run of bad luck so a lotto win would be great, every other weekend tyres and batteries have been stolen at work in a “secure” business park opposite a police station and not covered by insurance and last Thursday night they broke into the building and stole computer, laptop, diagnostic equipment and tools etc, which we do have insurance for, but still waiting to see what they will pay. So I like you, if I had to win the lotto, I would also do something like spend the day or a few getting pampered
    I loved my Brazilian when I had it done, but since discovering so many products that do as good a job with my hair, through the Ruby box subscription I used to have, I just think for the price of a Brazilian and the danger of Formaldehyde, it is not worth it. Oh and the sitting at the salon for all those hours getting it done. I don’t have the patience. I can’t just wash and go either, unless I put some product or the other in it.

  3. Oh, no! So sorry to hear about the break-ins. Makes me so bloody mad! Well, if I win the lotto it will be spa pamper days for both of us! Take care xx

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