I’ve neglected my blog a bit

Crocheted owls

I’ve been quite scarce over the past few weeks, mainly due to study pressure, partly due to lack of inspiration. So here’s a bit of a catch up…

House of Cards. I am appalled and intrigued by how venomous these people are. I love Robin Wright (Sean Penn’s ex) and Kevin Spacey in this political series about wheeling and dealing to win (steal?) the American presidency. They bring new meaning to the words “power couple!” We only have one season left to watch!

Game of Thrones (Season 6)
The season just ended. What now? It’s like the season just started and it’s over! Damn… Now for the long wait for the seventh (and final) season!

We are eating ALL.THE.SOUP lately. Probably because the weather has been icy cold the past few weeks. It’s so bad that 2 weeks ago I made KB a chicken, noodle and vegetable soup (mine sans the chicken) 4 out of 7 days. Because he asked me to, not because I tied him to a chair and forced him to eat it. Strange man, but I do love him. And I love soup. So, win-win!

I’m looking for the perfect (read easy) phyllo parcel recipe. Some meaty ones for KB and some veggie ones for me. I got a bottle of Clarks Sticky Plum Sauce in June’s Zestly box (a foodie subscription box) and I think it will be delicious as a dipping sauce! I’ll be sure to share if I find something worthwhile! You can see what I got in April’s box here.)

I bought myself The Goldfinch a few months ago, as a spoil, but I haven’t gotten past the first chapter. I’ll have to it start over and hope to get to it this week. Maybe I’ll have better luck the second time round?

Feeling disappointed at the delays in getting to the next step of fertility treatment. Every time I think we’re ready to get going, something happens and we have to put it on hold. The negative thoughts creep in and I get upset about it. I didn’t realise just how disappointed I was until I was chatting to TP, my closest friend, about it and it made me teary. I know we’ll get there in the end, but every delay is disappointing.

The weekend
Something happens when you hit your mid-thirties. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it stops you from recovering from a night out on the town. Instead of bouncing back after a Wimpy breakfast, you feel like something you’ve scraped off your shoe. And this godawful-feeling lasts until you wake up the following day.

Never one to wish my life away, I admit to lying in bed on Saturday morning, wishing through the agonising death throes of my hangover that tomorrow would hurry up and come, so I could feel less awful. If I could have managed it, I would have hung my head in defeat and said “I’m too old for this shit.” But I dared not make any sudden movements. (Here’s a tip: Never do anything that means you put your head below your heart or close to it when you are hungover – like bending down or hanging your head in defeat.)

On Friday night we went out with friends for “one drink” after work. In addition to it being a long week at work, I was also feeling celebratory seeing as I’d received 3 of my 4 exam results – 3 distinctions, so I’m pretty darn pleased with myself (still waiting for the last one.) But, oh dear! Things went south. And I won’t lie, instead of dusting myself off on Saturday morning and getting on with the day, I felt like death warmed up. However, we did manage to get through the day and the rugby braai we were hosting that afternoon. We soldiered on and even managed to drink some wine, followed by a few rounds of drinks at a local bar to end the night. (KB and managed to get the tequilas down, but otherwise drank clean Coke-a-Cola!)

Mooching about on the couch yesterday was actually quite good for my inner-crafter (who rubbed her little hands in glee). I hauled out my crochet stash and taught myself to crochet the “granny square”. I tried to teach TP the basics of crochet a week ago, but I don’t think I’m the best teacher. I do enjoy crochet though, much easier than knitting!

Crocheted granny squares

The square is pretty, right? I think if I make enough squares it will (eventually) make a nice reading or baby blanket. I actually made the little owls (and a few others that I have yet to finish) last year some time, but since I’ve been studying I’ve had very little time for it. I’m keen to finish them soon – will share when I’m done with them too.



  1. Lovely catch up and those owls are so adorable. Sorry to hear that your fertility plans are not going according to plan. Winter is awful and cooking in the kitchen or lying in bed is the only place to be.

    • Hi Dianne – I’m really enjoying crocheting! Thanks for the kind words, we’ll get there in the end, it’s just frustrating. I try not to get too excited about any of it anymore, because it just causes me more frustration. But it also sucks not to get excited… A bit of a catch 22.

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