Looking Back & Setting Personal Goals 2017

I’m another year older. I still can’t believe that my birthday has been and gone and that Christmas is just around the corner! My birthday celebrations were pretty low-key this year because I was in the middle of my final exams. But KB did spoil me with an amazing homemade breakfast in the morning (first time he’s ever made me breakfast!). He also took me for ice cream down on the beachfront in the afternoon.

I mentioned in my previous post that I like the idea of traditions. So, I’m sticking to my annual tradition of posting a roundup of the past year after my birthday. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to achieve all my goals, but I did manage to achieve one. Can you guess which one of the 4 in the screen clip below (taken from last year’s post) it is?

If you guessed the gardening goal, you’re right! I’ve managed to keep a star jasmine plant alive for a whole year. Yay me! This is HUGE for someone whose superpower is (unwittingly) killing any plant they come into contact with. Planting star jasmine means I killed 2 birds with one stone: I had to learn the gardening basics in order to dig the hole and prep it before planting the jasmine; I even added bone meal! Plus, it’s pretty and smells amazing!

I’m still working on reducing my debt in favour of paying cash, and though it’s better than where I was at a year ago, I still have a way to go. As far as slowing down goes, I’m afraid I’ve not mastered this skill yet and consider this to be a work in progress. And the third outstanding goal, i.e. doing more touristy things, is something we hope to tackle in this coming year, especially since my studies are done!

(You can read last year’s full post here).

So, here’s my roundup for 2017:

Life lessons learned over the past year

  • What you put in is what you get out. I know this sounds obvious and clichéd, but it’s true and applicable to practically every situation.
  • Quality over quantity. This goes for friendships as well as material items. Not to equate them as being the same thing, because they’re not, but you know what I mean.

Things I need to do more

  • Make more time for me. I know that having a baby early next year is going to make this a bit more of a challenge, but I hope to make more time for myself. KB often encourages me to do things for myself or to take time and do girly stuff, but my studies have always come first in the past.
  • Read! This made last year’s list too, but I can’t say I did more reading. Hopefully, I get to do it this time around!
  • Take more photos and actually have them printed instead of keeping them on my phone or in a digital file.

Things I need to do less

  • Stop feeling so pressurised to try and please everyone. This also made last year’s list, but it’s definitely a work in progress. I have a sneaky suspicion that once my daughter is born I will automatically focus on her and meeting her needs versus the wants of those around me.

Highlights from the past year

Favourite places visited

We didn’t go away much this year, something we hope to change next year – yes, with a baby and our dog in tow! One of the places that I’d like to visit next year is Olifantskrans outside Robertson. The rates are reasonable and they are pet-friendly!

Local brands I discovered

Musgrave Pink Gin
Either you love Turkish Delight or you hate it. I love it! I discovered locally-produced Musgrave Pink Gin, it’s infused with rose water. Not only does it have a distinct Turkish Delight-like taste, it’s pink and so flipping delicious!

Charley’s Boxes
I’ve discovered a ton of local brands that make baby-related products. Charley’s Boxes is one of them. KB bought a playmat as a baby shower gift for me and baby K. I love it, it’s practical and something that we can use for years to come!

Funky Ouma
I seem to be on a salt binge at the moment. I love that salt can either be a simple ingredient or a complex one. The Funky Ouma brand is a family-owned business and offers interesting salt varieties, like Beetroot, and Biltong and Parmesan. It’s natural and free of MSG, colourants and preservatives. I’m dying to try the Minty Rose one!

Looking forward to

  • The birth of our daughter!
  • Trying a few of local craft gins that are on my radar.
  • Spending a weekend away as a family of 3.

Personal goals for 2018

  • Continue to reduce my debt.
  • Save. I am notoriously bad at saving, but I hope to change this in 2018. My plan is to start small, like really small. Starting is the hardest part, once I get going I hope to increase how much I save.
  • Investigate ways to use my BA degree . Once it’s confirmed that I’ve passed all my subjects that is!

Here’s hoping I can achieve some of the goals I’ve set for next year!

Header image: Admittedly, this isn’t my jasmine plant. Mine isn’t quite as established yet, but it is alive and thriving, I promise! The header image is sourced from The Gardening Blog, which is a very informative gardening blog!



  1. Hi Nicky,
    Congrats on all you have achieved this year and here is to you achieving all your goals next year. I cannot believe it is December already. Well done on the planting and growing of Jasmine.

    • Hi Dianne! It doesn’t sound like much, but keeping a plant alive is a huge deal for me… LOL! And then there’s the drought to consider – so double brownie points for me! I also have 2 results outstanding before I know whether or not I’ve completed my degree! This will be a huge goal achieved too, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and “tick it off” until I’ve got all my results. I hope you are well, take care x

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