Looking back & setting personal goals

I’ve been pretty scarce round these parts lately – partly because I’ve lost my writing mojo a bit, partly because I am just too busy with work and studies. But I am here!

I recently had a birthday and it has made me reflect on the past year. I’ve thought about things that made me happy or sad, places we visited, brands or items I discovered that I love and about life or my experiences in general.

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to do a “year in review” of sorts, covering whatever stuck out to me over the past year (similar to this 2015 post I wrote). But, instead of doing it over the New Year, like most people do, I am going to do it annually around my birthday. To keep it short and sweet I have narrowed it down to a few categories/questions, because let’s be honest, I love to talk and can waffle on and on if left to my own devices.

Life lessons learnt over the past year

  • Don’t get into discussions about politics or religion with friends. It will ruin the friendship.
  • I will disappoint myself – I am but a mere human and bound to make mistakes. I must just try to do better or make more effort the next time. I need to stop being so hard on myself.

I need to do more

Reading! And by reading I mean actual books and not textbooks! I bought myself The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and I’ve still not managed to read it! I was also gifted The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (a pseudonym for JK Rowling) for my birthday and I hope to get through both these books over the holiday season. I also really enjoyed writing the book review on Rainfall by Melissa Delport earlier this year. I did the review after signing up through a blog post over at Cupcake and Fysh and hope to get more time to do another at some point in the future!

Things I need to do less

  • Stop rushing around and feeling like everything is urgent and can’t wait.
  • Stop feeling so pressurised to try and please everyone.

Highlights from the past year

  • Seeing Hugh Masekela perform live at Design Indaba (you can read my other best Design Indaba moments here). I enjoy his music, but by no means am I a die-hard fan. There was, however, something special about seeing him perform live.
  • Buying a car that I liked and wanted.
  • Spending my first girls’ weekend away in Hout Bay with special friends. I am 37 years old and this was my first ever girls’ weekend away – how is that actually possible?

Favourite places visited

  • Tankwa Karoo luxury tented campsite. Lying in bed watching an electric storm roll in across the arid Klein Karoo was beautiful.
  • Rivierzicht Resort outside Robertson where we stayed the weekend with friends in luxury tents.

Seems I have developed a thing for glamping! I really enjoy (actual) camping, but we’ve not managed to get much of that in this year. Perhaps this should be a focus for next year?!

Local brands I discovered

Zestly Box

A monthly foodie subscription box. I have discovered new culinary delights through Zestly (yes, culinary delights!) and these lavender biscuits, inspired by the culinary lavender I received in one of my boxes, are now my favourite go-to biscuit recipe! It’s quite strange that I love these biscuits so much, because I detest most other lavender-related products. I have to reserve baking them for special occassions, because otherwise we eat them all – in one sitting. It’s great in theory, but they are pretty rich, so nauseating in practise.

Sugar and Vice

I spoiled myself and bought a gorgeous utensil holder from the Sugar Skull collection, which Natalie managed to hunt down and courier to me. She had no inventory left to sell online, but she tracked one down at a one of her stockists and sent it to me. Go check out the Sugar and Vice website and you’ll see all her gorgeous collections, including some of my other favourites like Dear Deer, Vixen, Bound Souls and Mandala French. (Shop nationally and internationally!)

Looking forward to

  • Ticking my goal of putting up my first Christmas tree off my list!
  • Continuing the journey to becoming parents one day.
  • Getting through my final year of my bachelor’s degree.

Setting personal goals

I quite like the idea of setting personal goals. Whether or not it will actually work remains to be seen!

  • Pay off or drastically reduce debt.
  • Slow down. Think about things, try and be less reactive.
  • Learn gardening basics and spend more time in making our garden beautiful and not just functional.
  • Do something touristy, take the time to appreciate what is right on my doorstep.

I’ve probably forgotten something or left something out, but this is the general summary. There are exciting things to look forward to in this new year – onward and upward!



  1. Good to see you back on your blog and lovely going back over the past year.
    Enjoy your first Christmas tree and all the best as you continue your journey to parenthood

    • Hi Dianne! Thank you – it’s been a while since I’ve felt like writing, but hopefully as the work/study year winds down I’ll get my mojo back 🙂 Thanks, so much to look forward to! x

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