Loving the rain

How was your Easter? We didn’t go away – partly to avoid the school holidayers and the crush of traffic and people that generally accompany Easter weekend, partly because we’re saving for bigger things!

Shame, the weather was quite miserable for those camping in the Western Cape; we had some fantastic rain! I spent a lot of time studying (bleh…) though much time was also spent snuggled up on the couch watching series – horizontally! And I won’t lie, we ate as though our lives depended on it. Well, they do, but you know what I mean…

I was like the hungry caterpillar, dutifully chomping through anything edible in the house, at a steady pace. I made a huge pot of delicious minestrone soup and we set to it, eating the whole pot within 12 hours. At this point, I must mention that there were only 2 of us eating! We were also spoilt to a Sunday lunch at my mom’s (plus a generous take-away portion each for supper).

I made the mistake of falling for one of those “buy 3, pay for 2” deals on boxes of marshmallow eggs. I sent the majority home with my housekeeper for her children, even so, it felt like we ate our body weight in ‘mallow eggs. The funny thing? I didn’t even really feel like eating a ‘mallow egg half the time, but I would shovel one in, regardless. It’s tough to walk past the fruit bowl without taking one when they’re sitting there like weird, bright, suger-laden fruit.

I’m loving the cooler, wet weather at the moment. I woke up numerous times over the weekend to the sound of rain falling; we’ve had such drought and the rain is a welcome relief. Lying in the dark on Saturday night listening to the rain, I heard another sound. It took me a moment to figure out what it was. Turns out, Ozzy, our American Pit Bull, was wagging his tail in his sleep! I was hearing the muffled, disjointed thumps of his tail against the mattress. I searched the tangle of blankets for him in the dark and gave him a snuggle when I found him – He gave the biggest, most content-sounding sigh I’ve ever heard, thumped his tail a couple more times and promptly started snoring. So sweet! It must have been a very happy dream!

I hope you took some time off to relax over the past few long-weekends!

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