Minty Watermelon & Strawberry Fizz {Cocktail}

I absolutely love summer! The smell of it, the taste of it (hello, watermelon!), the hot sunny days and spending time outdoors! The temperature is rising and we’re being spoilt with beautiful (wind-free) days lately, which means we’re spending more and more time outside and in our little pool.

Can you believe it’s only a few days until Christmas? Speaking of which, KB got me the tree I asked for as a birthday gift (yes, I asked for a Christmas tree for my birthday!) I really wanted a Christmas tree and I was so flipping excited to put it up! It’s the first I’ve ever owned and the first I’ve put up in about 23 years (no, I’m not kidding!)

The beautiful weather yeaterday called for some liquid refreshment while we soaked up the sun poolside – and I had just the ingredients on hand! I’ve also been thinking about what to serve on Christmas day. I want to serve a cocktail – something refreshing, but not too sweet. Well, I only got as far as the recipe below before we decided that I’d nailed it! A minty watermelon and strawberry cocktail it shall be!

Minty Watermelon & Strawberry Fizz


Makes 1 cocktail:

1 shot (25ml) Strawberry and mint syrup (I used Woolworths’ syrup)
2 shots Passionfruit vodka (Russian Bear does a delicious infused vodka)
Fresh mint
Cubes of watermelon
Sparkling water


  1. Cut some watermelon into cubes and remove seeds.
  2. Shake the strawberry and mint syrup, vodka, ice and some fresh mint leaves in a cocktail shaker.
  3. Pour over ice and watermelon cubes.
  4. Top with sparkling water to taste and garnish with fresh mint.

Chef’s notes
  • You don’t have to use passionfruit infused or flavoured vodka. You can use regular vodka and add a shot of passionfruit cordial.
  • If you don’t have the strawberry and mint syrup I used, substitute it with the syrup from canned strawberries and use the fruit in your cocktail.
  • Bruise the mint to get a stronger mint flavour.

Eating watermelon brings back memories of summer growing up. I remember eating slices of watermelon around the pool and spitting the pips into the garden (and at my brother!). I also remember holding my leftover watermelon slice for our bull terrier, Dasjan, he loved to eat it off the rind. Ozzy, my pitt bull, loves watermelon too!

Although I love summer, I am so envious of all the photos and blog posts I see from people in the Northern Hemisphere. All the snow, the baking and cooking, and the hot chocolate… One day I’ll spend a cold snowy Christmas in New York, it’s on my bucket list! But for now, I’ll enjoy another Christmas in the glorious African heat!

It’s been a long and trying year with many ups and many downs and I can’t wait to go on leave and enjoy some time off. If I’m totally honest, I can’t wait to see the back of this year and eagerly await the great things that lie ahead in 2017!


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