Needful Things June 2017

Winter is not my vibe. I’m not one of those people who relishes cuddling under the blankets for longer than a day or 2. I just find winter to be so… limiting. Give me sunshine, fresh air outdoors any day!

Personally, I think people should hibernate. Imagine, you eat as much as want (or can) and aim to get as tubby as possible. Then you snuggle down and sleep through the coldest months of the year and wake up bikini body ready in time for spring! Sounds win-win if you ask me.

But nevermind that, let’s get to the fun stuff. Here’s what caught my eye in June:

1. Rocherpan Nature Reserve – From R850

I love living in the Western Cape, we can drive 2 hours in any direction and have a totally different experience. From the (glorious!) winelands on our doorstep to beautiful coastal roads, mountain passes and arid small Karoo. You name it, we’re pretty likely to have it! The West Coast is roughly a 2-hour drive from where we live. What would be better than being holed up on the coast for a weekend? You could enjoy some red wine in front of a roaring fireplace and take in the beautiful views! It’s not badly priced at R850 per self-catering unit per night! Find out more on the Cape Nature website.

2. Le Creuset Cocotte 4,7l in Kiwi: R3 589

I won’t lie, I really really want this cast iron “cocotte”, aka fancy pot, from Le Creuset. It will look bloody marvelous on my stovetop or in my oven! However, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to pay the equivalent of a kidney for it – yet! So clever to make something that can be used on the stovetop and then be put in the oven to cook further. Get this gorgeous Kiwi cocotte from Yuppiechef. You can also replace the plastic knob with the fancy signature gold knob (R350 from Le Creuset). The dishes are all so flipping beautiful!

3. African Extracts Rooibos Moisturising Day Cream: R62.99

My skin really takes a knock in winter and the African Extracts day cream is my go-to. I’ve been a fan of the African Extracts Rooibos range for roughly 12 years or so. The day cream has a SPF15 sunscreen and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily (I have a combination skin). Though it seems to have settled down as I’ve gotten older, I do still have oily patches, particularly at different times of the month – this cream soothes both the dry and oily patches. I’m thinking to try the night cream too (I’m not getting any younger, you know!) You can find the range in retailers like Clicks and Dischem, but you can also visit their website to see a list of stockists. If your not too keen to invest in full size products, you can buy the Classic starter pack for a bargain price of R69 from Takealot.

4. Stream Straws: From R171.50 (Skinny Set)

I am far from being the most eco-conscious person, but I do try. These glass straws from Stream Straws really tickle my fancy! Did you know that plastic straws are one of the items that most pollute our oceans and beaches? Next time you reach for a straw, think about it first. Or you can invest in a glass straw! Stream Straws are made locally, but ship worldwide (so you’re supporting local too). They’re made from something called “borosilicate glass” and have a lifetime guarantee. If you’re thinking, “But I like a bendy straw”, don’t worry – you can choose between a bendy or straight straw. Plus, you can choose between a thin straw or a smoothie straw. My OCD made me worry about cleaning the straw, but you get a FREE cleaning brush with each set bought! Get yours online from Stream Straws.

5. eCoffee Cup: R179 – R199

I’m keeping my caffeine intake as low as possible at the moment. What this means though, is that I’m drinking more hot chocolate! We have a FREE hot chocolate/mocha machine at the office and it will be the death of me this winter. I have no self control and happily chug down at least one a day. But this cold weather kills me in the morning. I’ve convinced myself that a hot drink on the way to work is the solution. And it works pretty well – I make a cup of tea in my Starbucks take-away cup for the drive to work. The problem is that when I bought the cup back in 2009 I made the rookie error of buying the smaller one, which seems like it holds 200ml – enough to get me roughly half-way to work. What I need is a 400ml eCoffee Cup, like the bright “Yeah Baby!” design to help me along on these cold, dark, wet mornings. If 400ml seems a bit excessive, you can get a 340ml or 250ml cup. Get yours here from Cape Coffee Beans.

*Prices quoted above are correct at the time of publishing this post. None of the products were sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Images sourced:

  1. Rocherpan Nature Reserve from Cape Nature
  2. Le Creuset Cocotte from Yuppiechef
    Le Creuset gold knob from Le Creuset
  3. Stream Straws
  4. African Extracts Classic Care Facial Starter Pack from Takealot
  5. eCoffee Cup from Cape Coffee Beans


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