Needful Things May 2017

If you missed the previous months’ lists, you can read them here. But be warned, the header image I created for April’s list might blind you 😉 That’s also why I went with a “softer” look for May. I created the header image using This nifty site allows you to create images for use online and there are a whack of templates to help you along.

OK, so let’s get to it! Here’s what caught my eye in May:

1. Woolworths Tile Print Pyjama Pants ~ R299

Before I met KB I wasn’t a big pyjama-wearer. KB on the other hand owns more pyjamas than I’ve owned through my entire life. I’ve always been that person who just throws on an oversized t-shirt. I have since been shown the error of my ways and pyjamas are now a regular feature in our home. I found this cute pair of pyjama pants online from Woolworths.

2. De Villiers Chocolate ~ R30

I have a sweet tooth, in fact KB and I are not great at practising self-control when it comes to sweets or chocolates. The colder weather seems to trigger our sugar cravings and we tend to eat more chocolate in winter than in summer. One of my favourite choccies is the De Villers range. I’m not really fussy when it comes to any specific flavour of the ranges they offer, but I am partial to the Sea Salt and Caramel from the Treats Collection (R30). I would however love to try the Raspberry, Vanilla & Almond! And I love the Orange Peel and Vanilla (R32) from the African Collection too You can buy straight from De Villers, situated at The Spice Route or you can buy them online from the De Villers website. And did I mention how beautiful the packaging is?

3. SoyLites Candle ~ R225

Winter is really hard on my skin and if I’m not careful I start to get all scaley and reptilian-looking skin, particularly my legs and hands. It’s not pretty. Did you know that one of the most age-telling things on your body are your hands? I’ll admit, I don’t look after mine nearly as well as I should, which is why I need a SoyLite candle.

The candles are made from Soybean oil and last for up to 50 hours (plus they smell ah-ma-zing!). Soybean oil is jam-packed full of lecithin, a fatty acid that really great for your skin and keeps the aging gremlins at bay. Soybean is also full of antioxidants and vitamin E.

OK, so what does all of this have to do with a candle? Well, as the SoyLite candle burns it forms a oil pool that you can dip your fingers into and apply the melted soybean oil directly to your skin. Flipping cool, and there are such delicious-sounding fragrances to pick from, like “Tranquility” with Frankincense, Sandalwood, Geranium and Orange or “Rejuvination” with Lemongrass, Lavender and Lime. You can get them on the SoyLites website.

4. Motex Lable Maker ~ R250

Part of being a master list-maker is the ability and obsessive compulsive need to organise things (except my underwear drawer – no one has the stamina for that). So it should come as no surprise that I would absolutely LOVE to be the proud owner of a Motex lable maker. I can’t say I’m a fan of the pink, but I am willing to overlook it if the green or blue are not available. If you’re wondering what the heck you use a lable maker for, other than making the odd lable, then think bigger… Think personalised gifts, cards, scrapbooking, book lables, organised pantry shelves, placecards… Use your imagination, let your inner lable-er go wild! And did I mention that the tape rolls come in different colours, so it’s not only boring white/black? Man, I get so excited about stationery! It really isn’t hard to please me. You can get one online from Love Letter Stationery for R250 including a roll of tape. You can also buy spare tape at R70 for 5 rolls.

5. Culinary Lavender ~ R35

As the colder weather sets in, I find myself fighting the urge to bake every weekend. I have, however, made a batch of pancakes every weekend for the past 3 weeks! At this rate we’ll be rolling out the door before summer comes. But as soon as my exams are over, I plan on baking to my heart’s content. First on the list are these Lavender Biscuits. Obvs I’ll need culinary lavender to make them – get yours from Lavender in Lavender Hill at a very reasonable R35. They have a fantastic range of lavender products you can order or search for your closest stockist. Plus you’ll be supporting the Lavender Hill community! I first found out about Lavender in Lavender Hill when I received a bottle of the culinary lavender in a Zestly monthly subscription box last year.

Side note: Zestly aren’t currently doing their monthly foodie subscription boxes, but they do amazing corporate gift boxes. Contact Tamlyn at Zestly for more info!

* Prices quoted above are correct as advertised on the respective website at the time of publishing this post. None of the products were sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Images sourced:

  1. Pyjama pants from Woolworths
  2. Raspberry, Vanilla & Almond from De Villiers Chocolate
  3. SoyLites candle
  4. Cullinary Lavender from Lavender in Lavender Hill
  5. Motex labeler from Love Letters Stationery



  1. Hi Nicky,
    I could do with a few of these on your list. The Soy Lites Candle and Labeler – how awesome do they look.
    I am a pajama girl without a doubt – I love pajamas – any sleepwear in fact. From negligees to flannels I love them all and live with a jocks only man – Winter or Summer
    Hope your wish list is fulfilled

    • Hi Dianne! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover the joys of jammies! Aren’t the candles to die for? The scents all sound absolutely divine! As far as the labeler goes, I would lose my little OCD organise mind and label ALL THE STUFF… hahaha!! x

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