The Nursery is Ready {Pregnancy}

KB and I are officially ready for baby K to arrive. We’ve been ready for her to join us Earth side for a while, but now that her nursery is ready it feels like we’re really ready.

We chatted about what colour scheme we were keen on and decided on neutral and grey tones. Her books and toys will add more colour as we go along and her bedding will also be easy to chop and change with a neutral palette. So with a colour scheme in mind, we set to work. Or more accurately, KB set to work – I was only allowed to supervise, consult and encourage from the sidelines.

A monstrosity turned into a thing of beauty

KB bought a compactum for the nursery a while ago. It was painted a hideous brick red. To add to the hideous-ness, it was handpainted with a brush. It was painted so badly that there were thick brush streaks everywhere (the perfectionist in me was horrified). I saw the potential to turn it into something beautiful and KB was happy to indulge me. He took it apart and sanded it down by hand. He turned it from a hideous monstrosity into what I had envisioned thanks to inspiration found on Pinterest!



He did such a great job. Isn’t it just beautiful?!

Transforming the spare room

Transforming one of our spare rooms into a nursery was next. We did a bit of homework and decided to buy white paint and colour tints to create our own custom colours. It was a more affordable option, which meant we could buy shelving and other bits. We spent roughly R400 on paint and tint. Buying ready-mixed colours would have cost us roughly R200 – R400 more depending on how much paint we would need in various colours.



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To lift the greys and add a touch of colour I made a pompom garland for the window. I also framed some free prints I downloaded from Pink Oatmeal. We’re both pretty pleased with the end result. I can’t stop walking down the passage to admire the room. And I’ve told KB about a thousand times that he has done a fantastic job!

Pregnancy update – 39 weeks

I’m not sure if what I’m doing is “nesting” but I did take great pleasure in repacking baby K’s cupboards now that her compactum is in her nursery. Physically I still feel great although my feet have started swelling, which I find hilarious to look at. I’m also battling a terrible cough and have been prescribed cortisone and a cortisone asthma pump. Hopefully I’ll kick the cough before I go into labour!

The only other thing I’m struggling with at this point is feeling like I have to keep everybody informed all the time. While I completely understand that people are excited for us, I also want to enjoy the last bit of my pregnancy in relative peace. KB and I discussed what I want to do in terms of letting everyone know when I go into labour because the last thing I want is for everyone to rush to the hospital at the merest mention of labour. He wants to do what I feel most comfortable with. I want to enjoy the moment as a couple and to take the moment in for as long as I want without interruption. So, we’ve decided that he will let close friends and family know when I go into labour. And once our daughter is born he’ll also let everyone know. I told him I’ll see how I feel and depending on how long or difficult labour was and what time of the day she is born I’ll decide if and when I feel up for visitors to the hospital.

Tomorrow marks one week until 5 February, my due date, and the excitement is real! Our hospital bags are packed, the nursery is ready and we’re super excited to meet our daughter. Though she’s not made any motions to show us that she’s on her way yet, I hope she decides to move into her own room soon!

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  1. Super excited for you guys…the nursery looks amazing…now just relax and wait on ur precious girl to arrive…all the best with the delivery and enjoy your precious gift…have fun!!!

    • Hi Jodie – Thank you and thank you for the lovely words! We’re very excited for her to join us!

  2. Hi Nicky.i followed ur hole blog and I’m super excited for u and KB. Hope u have a safe journey into bringing ur angel into this world. Xoxoxoxox

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