One Month In

We’ve been parents to our daughter K for one month. It’s strange how quickly time goes by when you are living from moment to moment. However, the saying, “A watched pot never boils” holds true for the opposite too. Every day seems to slip by in a flurry of moments. Hurried moments I steal to have a shower, eat or change my clothes before little K wakes up, and timeless moments where I just stare at my infant daughter and lose track of time completely – lost in her newness.

Yesterday marked exactly one month since her birth! One month of sleep deprivation. One month of nights melting into days. One month of putting the needs of this tiny human above my own. One month of eating lukewarm meals and reheating countless cups of coffee. One month of staring at my daughter like I’m a crazy person. One month of newborn snuggles, squirms and squeaks. One month of extraordinary love. One month of absolute wonder.

To see a few photos and read more about K click here.



  1. I was atually wondering how its going! Enjoy every moment and experience with your precious girl x

    • Hi V! It’s going well thanks. I keep looking at this tiny creature and telling myself that she’s mine… It’s still unbelievable!

  2. Many, many congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I’ve been reading some of your old posts and I’m wondering if you have any on navigating IVF while working full time?

    • Hi Susanna – Thank you! I haven’t tackled the topic of doing IVF and working. I was fortunate enough to have a boss who was very understanding and accommodating. He allowed me to work flexible hours and to work time in where needed, as appointments at Tygerberg could be unpredictable. Sometimes we waited a couple of hours past our appointment time and other times we were seen as per our appointed time. However, when we were in the midst of doing the treatment we were given a schedule of the days we would need to be available and I made arrangements with my boss accordingly. I am sure a private clinic would also be able to give a schedule of dates that you need to be available. Unfortunately, treatment relies on your monthly flow, etc. and this can be unpredictable. Sorry I can’t be of more help in this regard. Best wishes if you are about to go ahead on your own fertility journey! N x

      • Thanks! We’ll use Groote Schuur (private clinics are out of our price league!!), and our case will be slightly more complicated than yours unfortunately, but fingers crossed – we find out more next week! It’s just been something on my mind as we start the process. Glad you had an understanding boss! I’m also not sure how open we’ll be about this with friends/family/colleagues so it’s a tricky line to balance – and it’s still one of those things that you don’t know other people have been through it until you mention your own problems – while it’s great to have found someone you can talk to, you wish you’d found them earlier! You are forging the way here, and I’m sure many women are grateful to you for sharing your journey!

        • Hi Susanna! So exciting – even though your case is more complicated. I’m glad that me sharing our journey is bringing a source of info or comfort to you and to other couples who are also looking to go through fertility treatment. No matter what the circumstances, it is a very emotionally draining thing to tackle. Your heart and emotions are on the line and it’s very scary to share such intimate and vulnerable things with others. Yes, I was very fortunate to have such an amazing boss, it definitely made it less tricky to go through the treatment. I wish you everything of the best as you start your journey, feel free to drop me a line any time if you need some support, you can reach me at pickledgingerza at gmail dot com. N x

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