One Month In

We’ve been parents to our daughter K for one month. It’s strange how quickly time goes by when you are living from moment to moment. However, the saying, “A watched pot never boils” holds true for the opposite too. Every day seems to slip by in a flurry of moments. Hurried moments I steal to have a shower, eat or change my clothes before little K wakes up, and timeless moments where I just stare at my infant daughter and lose track of time completely – lost in her newness.

Yesterday marked exactly one month since her birth! One month of sleep deprivation. One month of nights melting into days. One month of putting the needs of this tiny human above my own. One month of eating lukewarm meals and reheating countless cups of coffee. One month of staring at my daughter like I’m a crazy person. One month of newborn snuggles, squirms and squeaks. One month of extraordinary love. One month of absolute wonder.

To see a few photos and read more about K click here.



  1. I was atually wondering how its going! Enjoy every moment and experience with your precious girl x

    • Hi V! It’s going well thanks. I keep looking at this tiny creature and telling myself that she’s mine… It’s still unbelievable!

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