One Week Old Today!

I’ve been a mom for exactly one week today! Wait. Let me say that again. I’m a mom… Yup, still makes me smile every time I say or think it! In some ways, it feels like hardly any time has gone by since the day our daughter was born. In other ways, it feels as though she’s always been a part of our family.

I thought about sharing her birth story, but ultimately I’ve decided against it. However, I will say that my obstetrician and his team were really amazing and kept KB and me in the loop every step of the way. The birth of our daughter and every moment leading up to it is something I’ll never forget. I know I’ve shared a lot of our journey here on my blog – perhaps that’s also why I want to keep some part of it private. Her birth was something incredibly special that KB and I shared. It was such a magical, spectacular and powerful moment. I must admit, I had no expectations regarding how the surgery would go but my cesarian section was a very positive experience overall. Though I’m not keen to share the intimate details of her birth, I can share some info about her!

  • We named our daughter Kadin. It’s from Arabic origin and means champion/friend/powerful. We opted for the unisex spelling.
  • Born by cesarian section
  • Birth weight: 2,9kg
  • Length: 48cm
  • She has my blood type, but her dad’s fair skin and colouring. It looks like she may be a redhead like him with her strawberry blonde hair!
  • Apgar scores: 1 minute = 9 and at 5 minutes = 10

We are incredibly grateful that she is healthy and that there were no complications. I’m on the mend and feel surprisingly good! I have no expectations regarding losing any baby weight or “getting my body back”. However, when I weighed myself this morning I was surprised to see that I weigh less than when I fell pregnant. I only picked up roughly 8kgs throughout my pregnancy, but the fact that I’ve been sick and couldn’t keep all my food down over the past few weeks is definitely a factor.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve had a chronic cough over the past few weeks. After consulting with my pulmonologist (lung specialist) and my obstetrician, more tests were run while I was in the hospital. I also had a chest x-ray, a sinus x-ray, and sinus and throat swabs. As it turns out, I have Whooping Cough. In this day and age, I have Whooping Cough… Can you believe it? It’s pretty serious and poses a particular threat to infants. Both K and KB are on a preventative course of antibiotics.

On the upside, today marked one week since K’s birth. She is an absolute delight and makes this motherhood stint seem less daunting. She sleeps well, eats well and is pretty easy in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong. I’m tired, I’m surviving on an hour or 2 of sleep where and when I can. I haven’t eaten my supper warm in a week and have reheated countless cups of coffee. But I’m happy. Oh, my soul, I’m ridiculously happy and wouldn’t change a thing!

I am eternally grateful to Dr Thabo Matsaseng and his team at Tygerberg Fertility Clinic. Without him and his team I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this post with my beautiful girl sleeping soundly beside me. (Read more about our fertility journey here.)



  1. She is beautiful Nicky – congrats to both you and KB – she has his mouth definitely.
    Whooping cough – how scary is that but over here there have been quite a few reported cases and a misdiagnosed case of Whooping cough too – which was “big” news.
    Her name is beautiful too – not very common either which is lovely
    Take care and heal up with the whooping cough real quickly

    • Hi Dianne – She def looks more like her dad than me…! Thanks for the well wishes, hopefully I’m healthy as a horse before long! x

  2. Oh nicky darling I am so excited and happy for u. God really did bless u in abundance. She is absolutely adorable. I’m sure that u are enjoying her as u should because u went through a lot to get her. And yes she does look more like her daddy. Stay blessed you and ur family. And thanks for sharing your story with us. Xoxoxoxoxo

    • Hi Taugheedah – Yip, she’s a daddy’s girl through and through! Thank you, we are absolutely loving every moment of her! (Even the sleepless ones! ) x

  3. Oh I forgot to mention I think u chose well with her name. Its strong. I like it alot

  4. I got teary eyed reading this! She is so beautiful and perfect. Well done to you and KB too! Can’t wait to share this part of your journey with you!

    • Hi! Thank you so much – we also think she’s pretty perfect Thanks for the lovely message, we’re excited for what lies ahead too! x

  5. Hi there i read ur story and im so interested in doing ivf myself. Before going to tygerberg to make an appointment is there anything u need 2 do before u go. Coz me and hubby has been struggling for 5 years to conceive. And can u tell me how much the hole process cost and how long were u treated at the clinic before u fell pregnant plz. I would love 2 know.

    • Hi Shiminey – The best thing to do would be to contact Tygerberg directly and ask them what you need to do to get an appointment. I used these contact details: E:
      T: 021 938 4473. We were very lucky to fall pregnant on our first attempt, but I know this is not the case for many couples. As far as costs go, you can read all about how much we paid here: Wishing you all the best!

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