Out in the glorious sunshine

We have had spectacular weather lately. So, we did what any sane people would do – we went for a trail run in the Helderberg Nature Reserve. I don’the know what happened to winter, but I’m not complaining!

If I’m completely honest, it was more of a walk than a run, but at least we were out there! And it was so awesome to be out in the fresh air, feeling the sun on my face. I’ve pretty much been glued to my study books for the past few weeks and getting out was exactly what I needed.

Even though we headed out quite late this morning (around 8:45am) there was still a lot of dew on the grass and it was pretty spectacular when the sunlight caught it at the right angle. It was the perfect day to go out too, not too hot, bright and sunny  –  beautiful. This is the second weekend KB and I have gone for a walk/run in the reserve and we hope to try and do it every weekend or as often as we can until we get to a point where we can go for 5 – 10km trail runs.

I only have one more exam to write before the current semester ends. I’ve really taken strain and don’t feel confident about the first 2 exams I wrote, but I smashed the 3rd one I wrote on Friday! The end is in sight I just need to get through the next 10 days when I write the last one.

2016-06-05 18.44.31


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