Piggy snorks

I was telling my colleague, CB, about “piggy snorks” earlier this week. When I was about 5 or so I was pretty imaginative – as most kids are, and “piggy snork” is the name I gave to a wild grass type found in the region where I live. It’s likely pretty common in other places in South Africa too. Why piggy snork you may ask? Well, isn’t it obvious? They reminded me of the little hairs on a pigs snout! This random conversation led to a mass online search for an image of my beloved piggy snorks, but we couldn’t find any. A search using the words “piggy snorks” did however return images of actual pigs snorkeling. Crazy, I know!

When CB told that me she was scouring the countryside as she was commuting hoping to spot something akin to what I had described, I decided to go on a piggy snork hunting expedition! As we drove home from our awesome lunch at The Long Table in the Stellenbosch Winelands, I spotted some! I made KB pull over and I leapt out to snap a pic or 2 of my beloved piggy snorks in their natural envirnonment. The pics didnt come out great so I picked 2 to bring home with me.

They always make me smile when I see then and remind me of hot summer days spent at beaches off the beaten track with my mom and dad and my brother. I also remember picking my mom bouquets of piggy snorks, which she diligently displayed in small pottery vases she’d made.


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