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I’ve been floored by whatever bug I’ve caught. To say I’m “(wo)man down” is putting it mildly. I went to my GP on Saturday afternoon after getting no sleep due to the serious sore throat I had developed and I just felt really unwell. She booked me off for the whole week and told me to take it easy. Even though I’m under the weather, we were excited to go to our scan yesterday and find out the gender of our baby!

The appointment

Dr B was running very late, but I wasn’t phased. (I can’t say the same for another lady who looked like she was about to pop!) Even though he was running late (he was very apologetic), he didn’t rush our appointment or make us feel like we were being prodded along quickly.

My weight is usually around 66kg and at our 12 week appointment Dr B weighed me at 66,8kg. My weight yesterday was 67,9kg. So I’ve not picked up much weight despite eating ALL the potatoes and eating everything in sight all the time. I’m sure this will change as the pregnancy progresses. Baby is apparently growing nicley and everything looks good! My blood pressure was quite high and he asked me to keep an eye on it. (I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go to the pharmacy to have it checked and the sister said my blood pressure was “beautiful.” So all good, though I’ll make a point of checking it in a week or so just in case).

The big reveal

We excitedly watched the sonar screen and Dr B told us he was 99% sure he knew what the gender is! My gut was telling me it’s a boy. Turns out I shouldn’t trust my gut, because we’re having a girl! Dr B said he would confirm it at the next appointment and I shouldn’t cut the tags off of any clothing until then.

I am not into pink (it’s probably my least favourite colour) and I don’t think I own anything that’s pink. But I’ll just have to muddle through. I’ll admit, shopping for girls is definitely a lot more fun than shopping for boys! We also had a boy’s name all picked out, but settling on a girl’s name is a whole other story!

*The super cute romper in the header image from H&M.



  1. Yay! So exciting!
    And don’t worry, I know very few real-life girls who wear/like pink – girls can wear blue and green and yellow and pink and orange and red and and and… 😉

    • Hi Alexandra – Haha…! Thanks for the words of encouragement! I’m overwhelmed by all the pink. I’ll definitely be that mom who dresses her daughter in ALL the colours (in addition to the occasional pink ) and encourage her to play with cars, building blocks and other “boy” toys! Same would have applied had it been a boy x

  2. Hi Nicky

    What a lovely post. So nice to receive the update 🙂
    I wanted to let you know that i started my treatment on the 1st September. It seems i too only needed a lower dose of meds and have 10 injections in total. Tomorrow will be my day 9 scan (2nd sonar scan). I am so nervous. I am hoping and praying that the meds are working and that they growing. I do feel some bloating. My only concern is that i started the injections too late in the day on day 4. I started my AF in the morning and only opted to start the injections in the evening of day 4 instead of the morning. It just worked out better time wise. I hope that it wasn’t too late to start the meds 🙁

    I look forward to reading about your development as the pregnancy progresses.

    • Hi Rafieka! So great to hear from you – and with such exciting news! I’m sure it will be fine, I started my injections around 2 or 3pm if I remember correctly and not in the morning and also had a bloated feeling the more the days passed. I was also so nervous for my scan, but you’ll know where you stand tomorrow, so hang in there! (Easier said than done I know!) I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope that everything goes splendidly and that the follicles are developing nicely! Thank you so much for sharing your progress – keeping my fingers crossed! x

  3. Baby Girl blessings…so many gorgeous outfits to choose from for girls
    Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and it is so nice to of you to keep a blog on your experience to remember…love seeing the updates.
    I am still waiting to get an appointment to see Dr M, seems they have a cut off age of 42 years to use your own eggs…otherwise they want you to use donor eggs which is not an option for me despite I have good viable eggs according to my AMH…so I am just waiting for a motivation from Gynae.
    It is just such a long waiting…as time ticks on..

    • Hi Laila – thank you for the blessings and the lovely message! I hope you get an appointment with Dr M soon, I remember feeling very impatient and also as though time was against me. Hopefully if/when you see him you get a positive scenario and are able to go ahead without delay! Wishing you all the positive thoughts ☺ x

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