Tankwa Karoo

I am now a statistic I NEVER thought I would be. I am part of that sad, *embarrassed group of people who have lost their phone dropped their phone in the toilet!

We went away with a large group of friends to the Tankwa Karoo over the weekend – what a blast! – and were travelling in an overland truck with a fridge/freezer on board. It was hot, like 38 degrees hot. Naturally, we were keeping hydrated and drinking loads of water (and I’m not going to lie, there was a fair amount of beer drinking too). By the time we eventually got to Tankwa I was bursting to go for a wee and hightailed it to the loo. I was in such a rush that, as I closed the cubicle door and yanked down my pants, my phone fell out of my back pocket and into the toilet!

Have you ever been so desperate for the loo that you can actually feel yourself going blind, and your thoughts are no longer in your native language? Yes? OK, now multiply that agony by 1000 when you have to shut all thoughts of “relief” down and dive (bum in the air with your pants around your ankles) into the toilet to rescue your phone. Don’t laugh, it’s not funny! And it wasn’t pretty, guys. Not pretty at all. Certainly not my finest moment… Eish! And don’t even get me started on the flash of thoughts that went through my mind as I stuck my hand in the loo and snatched my phone out. On the bright side, the loo was clean and tidy – not that that detracts from the gross factor in any way, but it is a small consolation!

Side note: Did you know that there is actually a word for people who fear being without their phone. It’s called nomophobia. Thankfully I don’t suffer from it, but I would be lying if I said I don’t know a few people who I think might!

Despite the phone incident, the rest of the trip was awesome and we met a couple of super people and just had a dang-diggity good time all round!

Our trip started at Airport Industria, Cape Town and our destination was Tankwa Tented Camp (just over 300km away).

Because we were travelling with 6 children and a baby, we stopped three times along the way (including our lunch stop) to stretch legs and get some snacks.

Our notable lunch stop was at Tankwa Padstal where we had a quick lunch braai and a few drinks. It was nice to have a qualified driver doing all the driving so we could all relax! This quirky stop is literally in the middel of nowhere (between Ceres and Tankwa Karoo National Park) and is crammed full of arty bits, including welcoming mannequins adorned with mosaic and broken glass crowns. There are huge saw blades hanging from the ceiling bearing traditional Afrikaans slogans in the bar area, as well as other oddities like a bizarre braai grid full of barbie dolls affectionately dubbed “The Barbie-que”. It’s quirky and I loved it! There are also a couple of emus (I named the one with the crazy eyes “Emu Bob”) a splash pool and a playground. I am told that the original establishment burnt down last year and that the community and various other generous sponsors all pulled together to rebuild it. If you are ever in the area, you must visit – it’s such an experience!

Side note: Check out this great post over at Skimming Stones for more info about the Tankwa Padstal and Werkswinkel Bar and why it burned down!


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