The first kiss

Have you seen the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works’ new road safety campaign together with Safely Home? It’s quite graphic, but nothing worse (in my opinion) than scenes you would see in an action movie or even on the news. It aims to drive home the point (no pun intended) that not wearing a seatbelt is likely to kill not only you but the other occupants of the vehicle too.

It’s no secret if you live in South Africa that we have an unacceptable number of road deaths – particularly over the schools holidays, Easter and Christmas period. The video gave me chills when I watched it – such an important message to convey. I really hope it affects people and makes them think twice about buckling up.

And don’t get me started on those dim-witted parents who allow their children to roam freely around the car unrestrained or allow them to stand on/between the seats. I hope they take a moment to think about the consequence of their child becoming a human projectile bouncing around inside the car on impact, or straight through the windscreen…

Buckle up, people. It could be the difference between life and death. Yes, your kids too – not only could it save their life, it’s the law.

I think it’s a fantastic campaign, whether or not it will be effective remains to be seen. If you’ve not seen “The First Kiss”, watch it below:

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