The morning after

We have had non-stop rain all night. it was coming down so hard that it kept me awake for a long time. You would think that I’d have slept like a baby considering the trauma of the drive home last night! However, despite how tired I was, I just couldn’t get to sleep.

This morning we went to fetch my car as the flood water has subsided. Fortunately, she started up with no problems (I did give the dashboard a thankful pat in relief). To give you an idea of how much rain we had yesterday, I took a photo of our 8-seater jacuzzi this morning (it’s in our entertainment area outside). When I left for work yesterday, there was nothing but a bit of sand lying on the bottom – it was bone dry. This morning you could comfortably sit in it submerged up to your chest!

Hopefully the rain subsides soon – I hear they had to evacuate the local hospital last night (a block up from where I live) due to flooding. I take my hat off to all the emergency personell and volunteers who came together in this crisis. Sure, it’s not where near as bad as the current Phillipines crisis, but it’s scary and unsettling all the same.

Hope you are all warm, dry and safe where you are…


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