We’ve got the results!

I know I’ve kept you waiting, but I just haven’t had a moment to sit down and write this post – I’m still busy with semester exams in addition to working full-time. Plus, I wanted a moment to myself to absorb the situation and what it means. It feels very surreal. It’s taken us more than 2 years to get to this point, and now that it’s here, I find I’m having trouble processing it. And putting it on the world wide web means it is real.

When KB and I met, I was on the fence about having kids, but leaning towards not having any. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t feel secure in terms of where I was in my life. I was divorced and had also just gotten out of an emotionally abusive and toxic relationship. But as my relationship with KB progressed, I knew that having a child with him was something that I did want. We discussed having kids and whether or not it was something that KB was on board with doing seeing as he had a vasectomy roughly 13 years prior. It was not a decision that we took lightly; eventually we got the ball rolling.

Tomorrow marks exactly a month since Day 1 of my May cycle started – we’ve been doing fertility treatment at Tygerberg Fertility Clinic – which brings us to where we are today. I did a blood test at Pathcare on Sunday morning (10 days after the embryo transfer). Pathcare isn’t open on Sunday’s so I arranged with one of the nurses who would be on duty on Sunday to meet her at the hospital to draw blood. They were very accommodating and it wasn’t a schlep at all.

The results are in

I heard from Dr Thabo Matsaseng later that evening, I thought it would take a day or 2 before we got the results back. He sent me an SMS that night at 8:05pm (how’s that for dedication!). The SMS confirmed that I am pregnant! He signed off the SMS with a Yippee and clapping emojis, so sweet! He asked me to do another pregnancy test on Tuesday, after which I was planning to write this post.

I’m not sure why I’ve hesitated to write it until after we received the second test results back? Maybe a little piece of me is scared that the first one was a false-positive? I still haven’t gotten the second test result back, but I’m sure it’s going to come back saying I’m still pregnant, and I didn’t want to put writing this post off any longer.

I took a few days to try and digest the information – and it’s been difficult to come to terms with it (not in a bad way). It’s taken us so long to get here, and now that we’re here, I almost can’t believe it’s true. KB would tell the whole world that I’m pregnant if he could, but I’m more hesitant. I’m guarding my heart a little more selfishly, because the reality is that we are still in the very early stages of this pregnancy.

I’ve shared the news with my close family and friends (and my team at work who’ve all been along for this ride), though we are keeping it quiet-ish for now. Yes, I know blurting it out on the Internet is the opposite of keeping it quiet-ish, but I feel my blog is less invasive than Facebook. I also didn’t think it was fair on the women who have been following our journey, and commenting and sending messages of support, to keep them in the dark about the positive results. I started to share our journey in the hopes that it gave others going through this hope, and hopefully that is what they’ll feel when they see that we had a positive result.

I know I’ll feel a lot more comfortable when a few more weeks have passed, and look forward to sharing it more openly as time goes by. I am absolutely over the moon though and I feel so blessed to be at this point!



  1. Congratulations Nicky, that is wonderful news for you and KB. I can understand that it must be difficult to go public within the first 3 months but at the same time those following your journey on your blog as well as those close to you would want to know the results.

    • Hi Dianne – thank you! Yes, it’s actually quite difficult to be public about it (even if it is fantastic news!), because if things don’t work ou then it’s my heart out there being publically crushed, you know? But I decided to share our journey in the hopes of helping others to know what to expect and maybe giving them some hope too. We are ver the moon though! x

  2. OMG OMG OMG! I’m over the moon for you guys! Every time I saw your name coming across my timeline I wondered what the news will be. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Everything of the best for what lies ahead xx

    • Hi Vee! Thank you so so much, I’m sure all the positive thoghts and thumb-holding helped too x

  3. Relief.
    First step done.
    Now we pray and breathe as we wait for growth and continued presence in your womb!!!

  4. PS Thank you for updating us. I really, really pray your heart will not be”publically crushed.” I really pray so. We know the realities out there. We know it. But we can’t help but be cautiously optimistic. Here’s to many weeks of pregnancy ahead. Here’s to scans and gynae visits. Here’s to kicks and hiccups. Here’s to growth and constant peeing. Here’s to hope and joy.

    • Hi Thandi – thank you for your lovely words and keep the positive vibes coming! It’s such a difficult place to be but we are so flipping excited! Wishing you everything of the best for your journey too x

  5. I’m like my daughter over the moon and stars .
    You’re akways in my heart

  6. I have goosebumps and holding back tears of joy for you…so super happy and excited for you guys…im sitting at the infamous room 22 waiting for my first scan…Day 2 of AF…once again congratulations!!!!!

    • Hi Ladybird! Thank you so much! And how exciting for you… Sitting here grinning like an idiot for you and the start of your journey! I will keep you in my thoughts and have everything crossed for you too! Good luck lovely! x

  7. Nicky,
    So very very happy for you! I know it has been a long struggle. Sending lots of love your way! Look after yourself now… Mx

  8. Hi Nicky
    I am so happy for you. Thank you so much for sharing the news with us. It gives us hope. Even though I dont know you personally, reading your blog makes me feel that I do and I am totally elated with the news of your pregnancy and the fact that we able to celebrate with you

    Please continue updating us on your pregnancy. I wish you everything of the best.

    • Hi Rafieka! Thank you so so much! We are very excited (even if I still feel cautious). Please let me know how you go and wishing you every success and sending all the positive thoughts and energy for your journey! x

  9. Congratulations, I am so happy for you. After reading your blog, I contacted Tygerberg and have a consultation booked for 13 June. I have had two failed ivf attempts at different fertility clinics and I’m praying that all will go well this time. Thank-you for sharing your journey at Tygerberg Fertility Clinic with us

    • Hi Sajida – Thank you! And thank you for stopping by my blog and reading about our journey. We are very excited! I wish you all the best and hope that your next attempt is successful! Holding thumbs that all goes well for you! x

  10. Congratulations my dear, so happy for you. It’s exciting to hear success stories about Tygerberg. It’s my retrieval day tomorrow.

    • Hi Tee -Thank yo suo much How exciting for you! I hope they retrieve a bunch of eggs! Wishing you all the success and hope that your journey is as successful as ours was! x

  11. Nicky, how are you doing? Any symptoms? Did you get the second results back?

    • Hi Thandi! I didn’t get the results back, but I chatted to the sister a Pathcare and she said it was a routine test to check whether the hormone count was increasing as it should. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that the results are more to check that everything is on track and no news is good news 🙂 Symptoms are still cramping (similar to period pain) and sore boobs. But I feel good overall, thanks!

    • Hi Candice. No, I only got feedback regarding the first test. I did do a 2nd rest but didn’t receive the results – I was under the impression that it was merely routine to do a second test.

  12. hi nicky I’m 32years old woman I went on 27september for labroscopy by dr.brink and brink told me my tubes are block …for that moment I feel my life is over cause I will never be a mom it break me into peaces to see woman with baby’s so he give me a letter for ivf by tygerberg please all mums pray with me to be a mom and that dr,thabo can help me also………

    • Hi – I’m so sorry to hear 🙁 and I wish you well as you look into fertility treatment options.

  13. Hi Nikki,
    I stumbled across your blog when I did some research on Tygerberg Fertility Clinic. Your blog has helped me so much regarding the IVF process at Tygerberg. I am 36 and my husband is 52. My husband had a testes biopsy Nov’18. On 7 Feb’19 I started with the IVF meds, we got 4 eggs with the egg retrieval and all 4 fertilized. I had the embryo transfer on 20 Feb’19 (2 embryos) and did my 1st blood test this passed weekend (Sat.). I got the results back and Tygerberg congratulated me that I am pregnant and my level is 22. I did the 2nd test Monday. Yesterday morning, Tuesday, Tygerberg phoned me with news I was not expecting. The levels had dropped to 6, it’s a chemical pregnancy and I am not pregnant. My hisband an I are devastated. I’ve been googling like mad, trying to come to terms with this horrible news, etc. I just want to know, after your embryo transfer, is there anything you did or not do in those 10days before the 1st test? I haven’t had a drop of alchohol or caffeine over my lips since we started the treatment.
    Kind regards,
    Eulize Reyneke

    • Hi Eulize – Oh hun, I am so sorry to hear that you had a positive… only to have it end as a negative 🙁 To answer your question, no – I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary after the embryo transfer. I don’t smoke and I abstained from alcohol completely as soon as my cycle started and we started the ICSI process. We eat pretty healthy in general, so I didn’t change my diet or anything. By choice, the only change in my lifestyle was that I didn’t gym at all from the date of transfer. I was petrified I would do something to jeopardise the embryos (we also transferred 2). We were very lucky that of the 2, one stuck and resulted in my beautiful daughter. I wish I had the words to comfort you, but I’m sure there is absolutely nothing you did or didn’t do to result in the chemical pregnancy. Sending you support and hugs over the interwebs. N x

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