3 Months In

Another month has flown by, and just like that, K is 3 months old and I am in the last month of my maternity leave. I took her to the office to meet my team last week. She was a little overwhelmed at first, but settled like a champ and even laughed out loud!

One of my colleagues asked if I wanted to come back to work or rather stay at home? It’s a tricky question to answer. Going back to work means that I miss out on a lot of K’s daily development. But I also know that I wouldn’t do well as a stay-at-home mom. How SAH moms get anything done is beyond me. It’s difficult to do anything that doesn’t revolve around your child. The day is an endless cycle of feeding, burping, changing, soothing and playing. And though I love it, and obviously her, it is exhausting. Your time is not your own when there is a child involved. Some days I look at the time and I’m surprised to see that I’ve missed breakfast and lunch.

I know that going back to work will be very hard. It will be a big adjustment for both of us, but part of me is looking forward to adult conversation and interaction. It’s quite lonely being at home all day. All of my friends work, so socializing during regular work hours is not an option. Yes, I can pop out for coffee or go to the mall with K, but I don’t really enjoy malls and those things cost money (plus it’s quite a trek with a small baby). Did you know that you pack everything but the kitchen sink when you leave the house with a baby? Or maybe that’s just me? I’m sure I’ll streamline what I need to take with as I get more accustomed to traveling with a tiny human, but for now, I make sure I have EVERYTHING. Because, what if…?

As she gets older, leaving the house with her is getting easier. If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that on Sunday we spent a lazy afternoon at the Blaauwklippen market in the Stellenbosch Winelands. We had lunch and enjoyed a couple of beers on the grass in the shade. It was really lovely and we’ll definitely visit the market regularly with K as she gets older.

3-month update

I look at this girl child of mine with a mixture of awe and disbelief. I have a child. She is mine. I still find it hard to believe that I made this tiny human from scratch, without much effort. She is growing and developing every day. It is quite something to watch and see how she changes and grows

At her last clinic visit 2 weeks ago (she was just on 11 weeks old), K’s measurements were:

Height: 58,5cm (she was 48cm at birth)
Weight: 5,47kg (she weighed 2,9kg at birth)
Head circumference: 41cm (34 at birth)

Over the past month:

  • K had her 10-week vaccinations. She handled the actual shots well, but she was niggly and unsettled for 3 days after.
  • Her neck has gotten stronger and she can hold her head up for stretches at a time.
  • She smiles with delight when she wakes up and sees me and/or KB. She has started to laugh, which completely melts my heart. There is nothing better than hearing a baby laugh!
  • She has settled into a notable sleep/wake pattern. Her first stretch of sleep at night is 4-6 hours, and then she wakes up every 2-3 hours from there.
  • Blowing spit bubbles is her new favorite thing to do. Drooling is also quite high on her list of activities.
  • She grabs for toys, but her grasp and coordination are not developed enough to master this yet.
  • Her awareness of her surroundings has increased. Loud or sudden noises scare her now. Owning a much-loved but loud dog is proving to be a challenge in this department as he is an alert watchdog (when he isn’t dozing in the sun!).
  • The sound of her own voice fascinates her and she is expanding her range of sounds and the volume at which she communicates.
  • I’ve started to introduce a bottle (formula) feed, as I don’t think I’ll manage to pump enough breast milk once I’m back at work. She is quite happy to drink it for the most part.
  • We spent one day in cloth diapers as a trial run. It went well though she doesn’t quite fit into them comfortably yet. I’m hoping the fit will be better by the end of the month. Cloth diapers are kinder on the environment and on the wallet, and the prints are too cute!
  • Music and singing hold her attention. KB and I both sing to K all the time and like to play a variety of music for her.
  • She is outgrowing her baby bath along with her wardrobe. We are experiencing a serious drought in the Western Cape, so I’ve been looking into what to do once she is too tall to lie comfortably in her baby bath (she can’t sit up yet). I found a nifty bath divider on Takealot and plan to buy one before we start bathing her in the big bath.
  • Kicking her legs out straight is a favorite too – it makes nappy changes a bit more challenging, but it’s cute to watch her pointing her toes and kicking away.

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  1. Love it! I feel like she is our baby too lol. Remembering your fertility blogs etc. Its so lovely to see pics of her and how you all adjusting. Thank you for sharing this journey with us x

    • Haha… I know what you mean – everyone reading and follow g has shared in her life so far! Thanks for the support and virtual love! x

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