Can earthworms climb walls?

Do you ever come across weird things that make you wonder “How the hell did that get there?” This morning that weird thing was an earthworm. I mean earthworms themselves are pretty weird, but it’s not the worm itself that freaked me out, but where I found it. (Incidentally, did you know that there are more than 6 000 species of earthworm worldwide? Me neither!)

I went into our en suite bathroom this morning and did a double-take. There in the middle of the bathroom floor was an earthworm. It had been there for for some time seeing as it was past saving and slightly dried out (shame, man). My question is, “Where the heck did it come from?” We had torrential rain the whole of yesterday and most of the night too, but no flooding into our house. Earthworms have no arms or legs, and as far as I know, they don’t have any ninja qualities that would allow them to scale walls or climb through windows. So, where did it come from?

You could argue that it came up through the shower drain, but then why wasn’t it stuck in the shower cubicle (it’s completely enclosed). It also couldn’t have come up through the basin plumbing, as we have a push-lock-type plug. I can’t think that it came/swam in through the toilet plumbing. So, did it climb the wall or what? Even if it did climb the wall, the window was closed. This is also not the first time I’ve found an earthworm in the house after it’s rained heavily. I’ve found them in the bedroom, the lounge and the passage before, but I have no idea how they’ve gotten there. Every time I find one in the house, in the middle of nowhere, I am puzzled by it.

Any ideas how the worms get in? Let me know, it’s freaking me out!

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  1. Under your shoe perhaps, clingly for dear life . I have never found an earthworm in our house, but did one day find a caterpillar climbing up an outside wall, which was quite a (caterpillar) way away from any plants.I painstakingly “rescued” it and put it in the garden on a leaf. Caterpillars and earthworms are the only creepy crawlies I encourage, besides butterflies and lady bugs. Didn’t know there were so many species of earthworms – I only know the pink ones that borough through the soil aerating it

    • The shoe theory could be a possibility, but highly unlikely seeing as it’s happened on more than one occasion. I generally relocate bugs and other creepy crawlies and only terminate the really poisonous spiders if really necessary. There must be a plausible explanation though?

      • My grinning face emoticon didn’t show, after clinging for dear life. It is possible that perhaps it went under the door. They do move quite far quite quickly. With the rains we have had lately anything is possible, quite creepy tho

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