Our First Baby Scan

Today was weird and thrilling and scary and exciting all rolled into one. We had our first baby scan with Dr Thabo Matsaseng this morning, and my emotions were exactly as described above. On the drive to Tygerberg Fertility Clinic this morning, KB told me he was anxious about the appointment, which immediately made me feel better because I was also feeling anxious about it.

We were the second in line and Dr M was excited and a bit nervous for us too. The scan was done with the sonar wand again, as opposed to a tummy scan. He explained that many couples get to this point, but then the scan reveals that there is no viable pregnancy or that there is an issue. Needless to say, when he did the scan I watched his face instead of the screen – I only looked at the screen after he expressed his relief. I can’t tell you how sincere this man’s joy was at telling us that everything looks good! I keep saying it, but I’ll say it again – he is a legend and such a nice man.

Dr M pointed out arms and legs and the heart beating away furiously. We couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat because the equipment doesn’t allow for it, but it was easy to spot on the screen. KB took a couple of photos of the screen and a video of the scan – the machine they use at Tygerberg also doesn’t print out photos of the scan. According to the measurements, the baby is due around 9 February 2018, not far off the online due date calculator I used that estimated 6 February. Though it’s still too early to tell the gender, I can tell you it looks like we’re having a ninja with all the arm waving and kicking 😉

After I’d gotten dressed, Dr M wrote out a referral and asked that I book an appointment with my gynecologist and give him/her the referral. It was our last visit with Dr M, and although I’m happy that we won’t have to travel through to Tygerberg again, I am a bit sad that our journey with Dr M has come to an end. He is the reason we are on the road to becoming parents, he made this possible. It makes me a bit emotional thinking about it. Before we left I gave him a big hug and he hugged back just as hard, wishing us all the best for the rest of our pregnancy. He did make us promise to bring the baby round once he/she is born so he can meet them in person, which KB and I’ve agreed we definitely want to do.

It was possibly one of the most surreal things I’ve ever encountered. Watching a screen where there is a tiny person kicking and jiving away – and to know that that is OUR tiny person. So weird, so cool, so surreal…

Header image is an actual image from our scan!



  1. Fantastic news! Can’t wait to read all about the progress of this journey in the coming months! Mx

  2. Congrats hun – sending you and KB lots of love on this journey together xx

  3. Hi Nicky,
    Congratulations with ‘Ninja kid’! I am sure this is going to be a special child.
    I have a question for you. We have our first appointment with Dr. Nosarka at Tygerberg Hospital. After reading your blog, I really wanted to see Dr. Thabo Matsaseng. Do you know if they work together or if Dr. Nosarka also perform IVF procedures?

    • Hi Burna – Haha, thank you – we’re pretty sure this kid is going to be special too 😉
      I can’t say I’ve ever met Dr Norsaka, but I’m sure he/she is just as dedicated as Dr Matsaseng. As I understand it they work together/are colleagues. Perhaps ask the fertility team who do the bookings the question of who does the procedures or whether it is the both of them?

  4. Great news NikNaks!!….so happy for you and Kev! Will keeping following

    • Shanéné! Always great to hear from you! Thanks hun, we’re pretty stoked 🙂 Lotsa love to you, that lovely wife of yours and the kids xx

  5. Wow! Couldn’t have asked for better news 🙂
    To think i was nervous about beginning our journey in a couple days time, I totally forgot about the fact that that first scan must be so stressful. Waiting to hear Dr M say that your baby is alive and well. Must be the best feeling in the world.
    I wish you well with the rest of your pregnancy Nicky.
    I only hope and pray that our journey is as fruitful as yours has been.
    Keep us posted 🙂

    • Hi Rafieka – thank you so much! We are so relieved – didn’t realise how anxious we were about it until the drive over to Tygerberg yesterday! Thank you for your lovely words and I sincerely hope and pray that you have a successful journey with Dr M, and happily wait for the day that you tell me some wonderful news 🙂 xx

  6. So happy and excited for you guys…our cycle failed but we trying again in Nov…all the best with your little ninja…mwah!!!!

    • Ah, ladybird… I’m so sorry 🙁 Thank you for your kind words. Will keep you in my thoughts and will hold thumbs and cross everything for a successful Nov cycle. Love and light to you x

  7. Hi nicky did you do IVF with DR M? If you did what is the costing involved?

    • Hi Shannon
      Yes, I had fertility treatment at Tygerberg Fertility Clinic with Dr Thabo Matsaseng. You can read all my fertility treatment related posts under the category “Journey to Parenthood.”

      I covered what the costs were for me and my partner in the post “What does fertility treatment cost?” and you can read it here: http://pickledgingerblog.co.za/fertility-treatment-cost/

  8. Hi Nicky
    I hope you are well 🙂 I hope your pregnancy is going well.
    Just thought i would keep you updated on our process thus far. My AF eventually pitched up yesterday after a whopping further 10 day wait. I was about to start meds to induce my AF and then she then arrived.
    I messaged Dr M yesterday on the whatsapp number provided, but have not had a response with an appointment date and time. I hope that comes through soon. I’m a bit worried that they taking so long to respond.
    We so excited to get things rolling.

    I look forward to reading your next post.

    • Hi Rafieka! I absolutely would love to hear anything you would like to share about your journey! And thank you for keeping me updated! Glad your flow has arrived. Did you hear back from Dr M yet? I heard back the same day… but quite a bit later If not send another message!! Planning to post soon, just bogged down with studies and life but baby and I are both doing very well Let me know how it goes x

      • Hi Nicky
        We tried messaged again the next day and then got a response from Dr M to say that all the incubators were full and we will need to wait for next cycle I guess we just need to stay positive and hope for next cycle.
        Look forward to your next post

        • Hi Rafieka… As I understand, they only allow a certain amount of eggs/embryos per incubator in order to give everone the very best conditions and chance for a positive outcome. I know that doesn’t lessen your disappointment, but it should make you feel better that when your time does come (and it WILL!) that you will also be given the very best chance too. Take heart my lovely and stay positive through the negative moments. Sending you virtual hugs and really hope the next cycle is the one! x

  9. Oh wow Nicky you just brought tears to my eyes. Dr M and I have been on a 3 year journey so far. On Sunday I had my eggies retrieved, found out today 1 have 2 viable embryo’s growing very nicely 🙂 So looking forward to having a successful transfer on Friday and then to finally get that wonderful call to say it is positive. I’m 100 % that this time (3rd) it is going to work. I know God has a plan.
    And you are so right Dr M is an amazing man! He takes such good care of us ladies in this nasty situation. He make one feel so comfortable and at ease. I wish all Doctors were as amazing as him.
    I am so excited for you I pray that all goes well and that your little ninja is very blessed 🙂 XX

    • Hi Bronwyn! I am so emotional just reading your comment – 3 years!!! Wow. How flipping exciting for you that you have 2 embryos growing nicely- I also had 2 viable embryos that were transferred and will be thinking of you and sending all the positive vibes for successful transfer on Friday! Dr M really roots for every patient to have a positive outcome and is an amazing man! x

  10. Hi Nicky
    Just a quick question. Did u ever experience and symptoms before having ur embabies transfered. Like slight abdominal pain every known again after the retrieval leading up to the transfer?
    We are so excited about today we can’t wait for 3pm to come now.
    Best wishes xx

    • Hi Bronwyn! Eek… so exciting for you! No, I don’t recall having any symptoms or slight abdominal pain. I suggest that you mention it to Dr M if it persists by the time your appointment rolls round! And if you’re anything like me, after the transfer you’ll walk as softly and as carefully as possible to the car (and every bump on the drive home will freak you out!). Best of luck hun… keeping everything crossed for you that this transfer is “the one!” x

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