Long overdue: An update on the tiny human {6 – 9 months}

Time is rushing by at an alarming rate. The tiny human is almost 10 months old, can you believe it!? I’ve given up on getting these monthly updates (or any blog post for that matter) published. Having a child definitely puts everything else on the back burner. “The baby will fit in with our lifestyle…” LOL! Oh, how naïve – I laugh at my pre-baby self now! My days revolve around my daughter’s routine. Despite how busy I am, I really am enjoying this phase!

I’m going to take the gap and post her 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-month updates in this post. Because lawdy, who knows if or when I’ll get another opportunity to do it!

6 months in

Over the past month the tiny human:

  • Tried solids for the first time. She is definitely our child; she loves to eat! Her first meal was Purity’s banana and guava puree.
  • Discovered a love for books. Granted, she is more into eating them than reading them for now, but I hope my love for books and reading is something that I can instill in her.
  • Learned to sit unaided (for the most part). Every now and then she still topples over if she isn’t concentrating.
  • Moved to formula feeds supplemented with soft foods and purees for lunch, and only nurses at night for comfort or a midnight snack.

7 months in

I feel like this month was one of the bigger ones in terms of K’s development. She grows in leaps and bounds every day – it’s bittersweet to watch her grow and develop. We celebrate each milestone, but it’s also a reminder how fleeting babyhood is.

Over the past month the tiny human:

  • Moved to bathing in the bathroom. For now, I still bath her in her baby bath, but I put it inside our bathtub in the family bathroom. She splashes too much to continue bathing her in the compactum in her bedroom, but I don’t want to ruin her fun or tell her not to splash!
  • Figured out how to pull herself up into a standing position if she holds any willing participant’s hands. She now “walks” through the house ever so proudly!
  • Had her 6-month check-up, she weighs a healthy 7,5kg
  • Developed a nasty cough and was prescribed a Penicillin antibiotic. At least we know she isn’t allergic to Penicillin.
  • Found her voice! If she is anything like me, we’ll have a tough time getting a word in. She babbles non-stop – it is adorable!

8 months in

Over the past month the tiny human:

  • Got her first tooth – bottom left!
  • Sat upright in her pram like a big girl, i.e. not in the travel system “snug n safe” that slots on top of the pram, but in the actual pram.
  • Met a pony and some goats for the first time (at Blaauwklippen Family Market). Her reaction? She screamed with laughter when the pony sniffed at her through the fence!
  • Stopped breastfeeding. I was caught off guard about how much this upset me, but it’s too stressful to keep pumping at work and it makes me feel inadequate if I can’t provide breastmilk for her feeds. So, I stopped pumping at work and slowly stopped offering her a feed if she woke up in the night. If she wakes up I sooth her and put her in the bed with me. For the most part, she is happy to go back to sleep (I co-sleep with her).
  • Slept through the night for the first time – no need for night feeds anymore; she hasn’t indicated that she wants one.
  • Bathed in the family bathroom bath, aka ‘the big bath’! I bought her this non-slip bath mat – it came with a handy pillow for mom’s knees!
  • Wore a peak cap for the first time. I bought her a baby-sized peak cap, it is too adorable
  • Learned to flip from her back to her tummy without help. But shows no interest in crawling.
  • Learned to “walk” around the house (like she owns the joint) while holding onto our hands. Her walk is best described as a frog march – she takes this walking business very seriously!
  • Drinks water from a cup when offered a drink. We are heading into the heat of summer and I want to make sure she is hydrated.

9 months in

Over the past month, the tiny human:

  • Attended her second wedding (my dad got remarried). Her first wedding was back in May when my brother got married.
  • Gotten her second tooth!
  • Stands and balances for lengths at a time.
  • Still has not shown any interest in crawling.
  • Started eating cereal in the morning. She gets a full bottle when she wakes up (anywhere from 4:45 – 6am) and then gets a smaller bottle after having some cereal around 9am.
  • Swam in a swimming pool with me. She loved it! (BTW, if you’re looking for swimming gear for your kids, Cotton On Kids has lovely baby and kids swimwear. I bought K a long-sleeved cozzie and swimming hat. Both offer UPF 50+ protection.)
  • Gone for her 9-month vaccination.

Whew – I hope I haven’t missed anything. Hopefully I don’t take as long to post the next update!



  1. Lovely update! So happy to hear all is going well and that she is such a joy to you both! Time really does fly when you are having fun…. Lots of love, Mx

  2. Ah all these special moments you’ve documented are so special! So many little things to celebrate…
    You will soon need to include that she is no longer weary of the male facial hair that would send her into panicked screams whenever he uncle A stepped and other bearded men stepped near her!!

    • LOL… Oh dear, the poor guys (aka bearded dragons) just want to show her that they love her! Hopefully, she grows out of it soon – it seems like we are getting there slowly. The last few interactions with A have been positive 🙂 xx

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